Foal auction Prinsjesdag represented at the London International Horse Show, among others!

Denise Nekeman and Boston STH (by Johnson) rode the Grand Prix on Wednesday and the Grand Prix freestyle on Thursday. Both times they achieved 4th place!

In Oliva, Spain, Christopher Smith and Emerlaud Z (by Emerald van 't Ruytershof) took first place during the Final for 5-year-olds! 

Alvaro Castro Roman and Jub (by Elvis ter Putte), held the CSI* in Oliva and took 5th place!

Finally, a victory on Dutch soil for Lars Volmer. Together with Ino T (by Numero Uno) he rode the CSI1* in Kronenberg. Here they took first place!

We would like to congratulate all riders on their great achievements!

Photo: Denise Nekeman and Boston STH

Glamor Girl wins the 1.55m in Geneva!

In addition to Henrik von Eckermann and Glamor Girl in Switzerland, our other Wall of Fame horses also achieved great success last week:

Lizelottie W (by Comme Il Faut) and rider Anna Camille Vlasov came first during the CSIYH1* in Oliva, Spain.

Naroby van de Fruitkorf (v. Diamant de Semilly) and Pedro Mateos were also present in Oliva. They rode the CSI1* here, where they took third place in Table A and second place during the 2 phases!

Kindly (by Balou du Rouet) and rider Alberto Michan achieved both 5th and second place during competitions in the CSN 1.30 m. in Ocala, Florida USA.

A good start to December for our auction toppers!

The CSI5* World Cup was held in La Coruña, Spain. Glamour Girl (by Zirocco Blue VDL) and rider Henrik von Eckermann managed to achieve 5th place during this World Cup competition!

Last weekend Quinty Vossers rode the CDIU25 on the Peelbergen with Hummer (by Charmeur). On Friday they took 2nd place in the Int.II. On Saturday they managed to achieve 8th place in the Grand Prix. And on Sunday they ended the weekend with another 8th place in the Grand Prix Kur to music.

Casallco (by Casall) and rider Philip Rüping rode with the CSI4* in Stockholm, Sweden:
On Friday they achieved 5th place during the 1.50m and on Sunday 6th place during the 1.55m Grand Prix!

Clear Heart (by Clarimo) and rider Thibeau Spits managed to take 8th place during the CSI2* in Valence, France last Saturday.

Photo: Quinty Vossers and Hummer.

Good luck on home soil and in France for our auction horses!

The Grand Prix U25 was held in Lichtenvoorde. Feeling Luckey (by Bustique) and rider Tzu-Ten Lin took second place here!

Ice Man also rode in the same Grand Prix  (by Amaretto DI) with rider Conan Wright. They finished in 6th place.

Finally, the CSI2* was held yesterday in Valence, France. Here Géraldine Strauman finished in 6th place with Thunder GZ (by Tyson)!

The best healthcare for your horse at Horse Clinic Wolvega!

A team of specialists who provide all disciplines under one roof can be found at Horse Clinic Wolvega. With the expansion of their sports medical center in 2019, they not only offer the best healthcare for your horse, but also sport horse guidance. We are therefore very proud that we have been able to call them sponsors of our foal auction for years.


The Wolvega team consists of a nice mix of doctors with years of experience and the new generation of doctors who know everything in the field of innovative care! There are continuous developments within the medical horse industry. This includes advanced diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound, MRI and CT scans. But also the regenerative medicine that is used. The horse industry is at the forefront when it comes to stem cell therapy and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments. These natural healing processes ensure that horses can recover faster and return to their performance level.


Doctor and internist Marco de Bruijn is closely involved in our auctions. He himself was a supervisor at the foal brigade for 4 years and has now started his own breeding farm! Marco checks our foals every year on both photo day and prior to the auction. Come and meet him yourself during our auctions or learn more about the Wolvega horse clinic via:

You can find horse insurance from A to Z at Hippo Horse Insurance!

For years we have been able to build a sustainable partnership with Hippo Horse Insurance, a proud partner of our foal auction! They are not only our partner, but also take care of the insurance of the foals from the photo and video day until delivery to the buyer. Of course, there is also the option to continue the insurance of your foal, because Hippo is active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


In addition to the wide range of horse insurance, it is especially nice for customers that every employee within Hippo has a background or is still active in the Equestrian sector. Both at the office and on the road, Hippo Horse Insurance employees can always talk to you about everything in and around the horse.


The knowledge and passion of the employees ensures that the Hippo Horse Insurance team can respond quickly and they immediately understand where the needs lie. Curious about what they can do for you? Then take a look at their website:

Two Comme il Faut offspring auctioned at Prinsjesdag went on to the main inspection in Westphalia

This week the pre-selection of the show jumping stallions for the Westfalen Verband took place. No fewer than 42 stallions have been selected, two of which will be auctioned at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag in 2021. Comme D RH Z (by Comme Il Faut) bred by Rene Heijmans and Charming Leva WD Z (by Comme Il Faut) bred by Stal Dekker were purchased in 2021 by Yumika Sato from Germany.

Watch Comme D RH Z (by Comme Il Faut) on HorseTelex

Watch Charming Leva WD Z (by Comme Il Faut) on HorseTelex

More information about the Westphalia pre-selection.

Photo: Westfalen Verband

Healthy horses thanks to Havens horse feed!

Havens Voerders has been a household name in the region since 1846. After the Second World War, Havens expanded its range to include horse feed. A logical choice given that more and more agricultural horses were used for sport and recreation. The demand for honest and high-quality horse feed continued to grow and their range is now available in more than 50 countries worldwide!

The welfare of the horses is of paramount importance to Havens. For example, they only use natural raw materials, which is not only good for well-being, but also for the ecological footprint they leave on this world. While much horse feed is focused on a formula to optimize production or performance, Havens opts for the health of the horses, which ultimately benefits performance.

This fits in nicely with our wishes for the foals and we are very proud that Havens has been associated with our foal auction for years thanks to Bart Minten and his close contacts within our board. Curious about their products? HAVENS is present during our auctions and provides goodie bags for the breeders! Read more about Havens via:

Clarity in finances thanks to Felix Hippisch

Finances: no one's favorite activity. It is quite a challenge to do this well, especially in the equestrian sector. Just think of the exceptions in the field of VAT percentages. Felix Hippisch provides clarity here for every horse owner as an expert in the tax field. Did you know, for example, that thanks to their efforts, the VAT margin scheme can now be applied to a foal?

Felix is not only the proud sponsor of our foal auction, but has also been assisting us legally for years. At our auctions they support foreign buyers with the transactions and associated taxes. As a Dutch horse owner, you can of course also contact them for all your legal and financial issues.

Exclusivity and quality are of paramount importance to Felix, but it is especially the passion and affinity with the horse industry that shine through when you talk to one of the employees of this family business. For example, owner Jos Felix bought Nadira Esther (by Vitalis) at our foal auction 4 years ago. Daughter Annelotte Felix scored 80 points at the past KWPN championships in Ermelo with this beautiful 5-year-old mare and also works in the marketing department at Felix. Read more about Felix Hippisch via

Exceptionally talented Trigger-Time auction top-seller for 37,000 euro at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

The 32e edition of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag had great outcome last night in Ermelo with an average price of 12,300 euros and a top price of 37,000 euros for the striking Extreme US daughter Trigger-Time. This exceptionally talented filly comes from the breeding of family Van Enckevort and remains on Dutch soil. “All in all, we can look back on a successful auction with a high sales percentage and a nice average,” states Prinsjesdag chairman Arjan van der Waaij.

The Amalia Hall at the National Equestrian Centre was packed on Tuesday evening and the atmosphere was great at the 32nde auction of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. Singer Raffaela Paton traditionally started the auction with the national anthem and auctioneer Koen Olaerts first auctioned an item for charity. For the benefit of Amalia Children's Hospital, this edition first auctioned a dinner voucher at restaurant De Gezelligheid and this item initially raised 3,750 euros. 

16,000 euros for Amalia Children's Hospital

After the break, Team Nijhof offered a covering Hernandez TN N.O.P. – a Prinsjesdag graduate. The bids were high, until one bidder doubled his offer, but also asked for not one, but two coverings of Hernandez TN N.O.P.. Team Nijhof agreed and did so again when no less than 11,000 euro was bid for three (!) coverings of the exceptional stallion bred by the late Willem Dekker. Thereupon, the buyer of the dinner voucher increased his bid to 5,000 euro and a whopping 16,000 euro was raised for the Amalia Children's Hospital. “A wonderful gesture to support this special charity in this way. We are very grateful to the buyers, and certainly also Team Nijhof and restaurant De Gezelligheid,” states Arjan van der Waaij.

20,000 euros for Emerald colt

Around 05.45 pm, the first foal came under the hammer of Koen Olaerts and soon multiple foals above the 10,000 euro mark followed. In the first part of the auction, Two 2 Tango NN in particular caught the eye; this colt by Fynch Hatton was sold at 17,000 euro. After the short break, the mood was soon well up and 23,000 euro was bid for the very striking colt Trendwatcher Texel (Extreme US x Glock's Toto Jr); this talent fell into the hands of a very loyal Prinsjesdag investor.

The most expensive jumping colt also came in part two of the foal auction. For 20,000 euros, the striking colt Extra Panama W (Emerald x Echo van Spieveld) was sold; this eye-catcher is directly bred out of Frank Schuttert's top talent Panama van 't Roosakker. The second most expensive showjumping foal of the evening was Elisabeth Z - a special daughter of Ermitage Kalone out of the top Larthago line.

Eye-catchers in the ending

Particularly in the end of the auction, the dressage foals became very popular. Tom Cruise Texel (Hermes N.O.P. x Negro) brought 23,000 euro, 25,000 euro was paid for Troubadour A (For Romance I x Wynton) and a whopping 35,000 euro was bid for the promising Toptoto E (O'Toto van de Wimphof x Charmeur). The final auction top-seller was the penultimate foal of the auction; the remarkable filly Trigger-Time. This daughter of Extreme US x Grand Galaxy Win T remains in the Netherlands for 37,000 euros.

Nice average

“With buyers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland, international interest was once again high, but remarkably, especially a few Dutch investors also made their move,” says Arjan van der Waaij. “The standout dressage foals provided the outliers this edition and ended up bringing an average of over 13,000 euros. Among the jumping foals, an average of 11,500 euros was paid, bringing the average to 12,300 euros,” the chairman looks back on the 32nd edition of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag with great satisfaction.e edition of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.

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