A good start to December for our auction toppers!

The CSI5* World Cup was held in La Coruña, Spain. Glamour Girl (by Zirocco Blue VDL) and rider Henrik von Eckermann managed to achieve 5th place during this World Cup competition!

Last weekend Quinty Vossers rode the CDIU25 on the Peelbergen with Hummer (by Charmeur). On Friday they took 2nd place in the Int.II. On Saturday they managed to achieve 8th place in the Grand Prix. And on Sunday they ended the weekend with another 8th place in the Grand Prix Kur to music.

Casallco (by Casall) and rider Philip Rüping rode with the CSI4* in Stockholm, Sweden:
On Friday they achieved 5th place during the 1.50m and on Sunday 6th place during the 1.55m Grand Prix!

Clear Heart (by Clarimo) and rider Thibeau Spits managed to take 8th place during the CSI2* in Valence, France last Saturday.

Photo: Quinty Vossers and Hummer.

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