Nekeman and Boston STH winning Grand Prix debut

Denise Nekeman and her Boston STH (Johnson x Volmie), auctioned during the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag in 2006, made their official debut in Grand Prix dressage last weekend.

At the Suptop competition in Genemuiden, the duo finished the race with a score of 69.45%, which gave the duo their first Grand Prix victory.

”The lines are quite different than in the U25 and the level is more difficult, but in general the test went well”, the proud Nekeman told “The plan is to continue driving the Grand Prix during the winter season. In the U25 I knew exactly where I stood, that's all new now. So for the time being I will continue to ride the Grand Prix and after six months I will decide whether I will ride the U25 again or not," said Nekeman.

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“Brittsion already had great use of the foreleg as a foal!”

Breeder: Dirk van der Oord

1. What was Brittsion like as a foal?
“Brittsion was already very beautiful as a foal, could move well and had a good character. She became champion at the inspection in Hoofddorp and people really stopped to watch. Her use of the foreleg in particular was already very special. The foals inherit this from their mother, because I also see it in her brothers and sisters.”

2. How is her mother?
“Her dam Unassion (Krack C x Jazz) was very successful at the inspections. She became reserve champion of the Netherlands as a foal and third as a three-year-old. Because she has both Krack and Jazz blood, we went to Schockemöhle in Germany to look for a stallion and chose Sir Donnerhall. That combination worked well with Brittsion and I used this stallion three more times. She is now 16 years old, elite, preferent, performance and is pregnant from her 14e foal. This year we are going to the national inspection with a Totilas foal of hers. Besides Brittsion there are two more children of her in the small tour, namely Ambission (by Sunny Boy) and Catosion (by Sir Donnerhall). We already breed with the sixth generation of horses from this line and all names end with sion. Brittsion is named after my wife Britt, her sister Catosion after my daughter Cato and her brother Kassion after my son Kas.”

3. How did you experience the auction at the time?
"It was exciting. Friends of ours also wanted to buy her, but at one point they were bid above their maximum price. Dirk Kat, the buyer, also knew Brittsion's mother well.”

4. Do you still follow Brittsion?
“Yes, I follow everything on the internet and sometimes I go to see Derk Schekkerman or at competitions. I watched all the international Junior competitions via the live stream.”

5. Why did you choose the Prinsjesdag auction?
“As a member of the breeding and study club Noord-Holland, I was involved in the establishment of the Prinsjesdag auction at the time, so I have a connection with this auction. Two years ago, Brittsion's full brother, Kassion, was also auctioned here. I also had a number of foals auctioned in Borculo and Dronten. I have good experiences with the Prinsjesdag auction. If breeders have a good foal, I definitely recommend the Prinsjesdag auction, although of course everyone has to decide that for themselves.”

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“Bidding at an auction is always exciting, especially on Prinsjesdag, where the best merchants are usually represented and you have to stay sharp.”

Buyer and owner: Dirk Kat

1. Why did Brittsion appeal to you at the auction at the time?
“Dirk Reijne advised me Brittsion. He said she was one of the best foals in the auction. I shared his opinion and appreciated Dirk's advice. The breeder, Dirk van der Oort, had also set the necessary expectations in me with this mare line.”

2. How did Brittsion's rearing and training go?
“She has been reared at our house. Wijnanda van Brenk, my brother's rider, hit and trained her super. She has laid the foundation for her current achievements. At about the age of five she went to Derk Schekkerman. He drove her to the light tour.”

3. Did Brittsion live up to your expectations?
“Brittsion has become a beautifully elegant horse. She performs great in sports. She was recently admitted to the A-squad in the Juniors with Zoë Kuintjes. Together they are a fantastic combination that I am very proud of. Brittsion is in my top five foals I've ever bought. Eggs were collected from her via ICSI and she has now given me three foals by Rubinstein. Two foals were born this year and one last year. All three are top foals who look very good. †

4. Do you have a special relationship with Brittsion?
“Horses that perform with character really appeal to me. Brittsion is a good example of this, just like PrimeVal Wings back then! Every now and then I go and check on her at the stable. Even if there is a match nearby, I try to come and watch. I followed the international competitions that Zoë has ridden via the livestream.”

5. Was it exciting bidding at the auction at the time?
“Bidding at an auction is always exciting, especially on Prinsjesdag, where the best merchants are usually represented and you have to stay sharp. I wanted Brittsion, so I kept bidding until I got her.”

6. Why do you advise people to buy a foal at the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag?
“ The Foal Auction Prinsjesdag was an initiative of a number of entrepreneurs from North Holland and I was one of them. I bought about twenty foals at the Prinsjesdag auction, and I also bought a number of foals in Borculo. You take a risk buying a foal. You see the moves, know the bloodlines, but the character has to be good too. I have had foals that have grown into toppers, but have also sold a number of them again. All in all I am happy with the quality with the quality and the performance. If you choose to buy a foal, the Prinsjesdag auction is the best place to do so!”

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Third place for Alicante and Guéry in Paris

At the five-star show in Paris, Alicante and Jérôme Guéry, auctioned at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, took third place in the 1.50m with winning round. Earlier in the weekend, the successful combination already finished eighth.

Alicante takes victory 1,45m Madrid

Jérôme Guéry and Alicante (Casall x Indoctro), sold at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, took victory last weekend in the 1.45m in Madrid. In the timed class Alicante again showed his fantastic reflexes and attitude and went home with the win.

Edinburgh dominates Youngster Tour at CSI Asten

The KWPN-approved stallion Edinburgh and his rider Kristian Houwen dominated the Youngster Tour of CSI Asten last weekend. With a second place in the qualification and a victory in the final for six- and seven-year-old show jumpers, the stallion auctioned at the Prinsjesdag Foal Auction had a fantastic weekend.

Edinburgh (Vleut x Darco) comes from the breeding of Gerard Lindeboom and Evert Meijer from Dalfsen and has been one of the greatest showjumping talents in the Netherlands for years. Internationally, the seven-year-old Vleut son of Jos Houwen and Jos Althuyzen is also making progress.

Alicante dominates Sires of the World in Lanaken

Alicante convincingly won the prestigious Sires of the World title in Lanaken. With the Belgian top rider Jérôme Guéry, the Casall son, bred by Stoeterij 't Maalwater, already won the entry test of the FEI Sires of the World, but the final final was also dominated by Alicante. In 2005, the KWPN-approved stallion was auctioned at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.

Alicante rose to a higher level this year with Jérôme Guéry. After a fantastic rise to five-star Grand Prix level and a debut in the Nations Cup of Aachen, Alicante is now an established name at the highest level. By winning the Sires of the World, the breeding product of Ronald Nowee has immortalized his name in Lanaken. Foal Auction Prinsjesdag: the Power of Performance!

Demario W to Sweden for 40,000 at successful second Prinsjesdag auction

After more than 60 jumping foals were sold for an average of almost 14,000 euros on Tuesday, it was the turn of the dressage collection of Foal Safe Prinsjesdag on Wednesday. After a quiet start before the break, the buyers were well on their way. Twelve foals fetched 17,000 euros and more, of which the sensationally moving Demario W came in for 40,000 euros. Breeder Benny Wezenberg from IJsselmuiden can send the son of Desperados FRH x Painted Black off to Sweden. New owner is 2m2 Trading AB, which also bought on Prinsjesdag two years ago.

The average price per dressage foal has increased by about 330 euros to 11,330 euros compared to last year. “The first foal with 11,000 euros was sold very easily, but after that the auction was a bit syrupy. After the break, things went well again," says VP chairman Arjan van der Waaij.

“On the other hand, what is a less good price?” he continues. “If you participate in the game, you as a breeder know that you will be below or above the average price. But the price below is often also nice. I think we had a very nice collection of uniform foals with a lot of blood spread.”

Demario W was by far the price winner with 40,000 euros via telephone bidding. The Louis 14 Sollenburg (For Romance x OO Seven), sold for 32,000 euros, bred by Adrie Zekveld in Almere out of the famous Grand Prix mare Astrid Sollenburg, is going to Rockanje in South Holland. Lewis Utopia (Johnson x Metall, breeder Stal van Stokkom from Drimmelen) was purchased by Mr. Dalsem from Den Hoorn. Willeke Bos from Stal 104 invested 24,000 euros in Lafürstinels (All at Once x Hotline) from breeder AJM aan de Stegge from Enter.

The Kansas Z (Kannan x Quidam de Revel), who was auctioned yesterday for 26,000 euros, will get a stable mate in Dorado's half-sister Laguna van de Westen (Johnson x Rousseau, breeder C. Kikkert in Den Burg), which was purchased by the same Indonesian owner for 20,000 euros. Top rider and trader Andreas Helgstrand also came to do some shopping. He paid 18,000 euros for Let's Go Win (Grand Galaxy Win x Krack C) from M. van Alphen's breeding in Hurwenen. LA – Zonik L (Zonik x Goodtimes) and Lirava (Capri Sonne jr. x Scandic) were also sold for 18,000 euros.

Grand Prix dressage rider Sander Marijnissen also came shopping and put his hand on Lexington ter Selle S (Grenoble x Jazz) for 7,000 euros.

In any case, the organization of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag can look back on two very successful auction days. “We still have to evaluate, of course, but the auction in two days went very well. It gives a lot of peace. For the entrants, for buyers who can now view the foals at their leisure and for the organization. There is a good chance that we will do it again next year!” According to Van der Waaij.

Prinsjesdag jumping foals almost 14,000 euros on average

The Foal Auction Prinsjesdag again breaks its record with a total yield of the jumping foals of almost € 900,000. The average price was almost 14,000 on average. The two-day auction kicked off today with a high-quality show jumping collection, which attracted enthusiasm from all over the world. Auction topper was For Capitol (For Pleasure x Cero I). This stallion fetched no less than 48,000 euros. The top foal from Harm Thormählen's breeding will remain in Germany and go to Elmgestüt Drei Eichen.

Fourteen particularly high-quality foals fetched 20,000 euros and more. QuickStead (Quickly de Kreisker x Hickstead, breeder OB Schoof in Hedwigenkoog) will get a stable in Switzerland for 40,000 euros, also born in Germany. BWP rider Quickly van de Celiebrug (Cornet Obolensky x Darco, breeder F. Engels from Sint-Laureins) will leave for Brazil for 26,000 euros and Kansas Z (Kannan x Quidam de Revel, breeder JHAP Marcellis from Vredepeel) has been given Indonesian owners. Stefan Morssinkhof from Belgium invested 26,000 euros in Lucky Star (Big Star x Numero Uno).

Quartina DC (Comme Il Faut x Nabab de Reve) will stay in her own country for 26,000 euros, just like Lord Cornet (Cornet Obolensky x Corland) purchased by Jan Vink from Stoeterij Black Horse for 30,000, Tivoli Z (Toulon x Nabab de Reve) for 26,000 and Quantum van de Bisschop (Untouched x Elvis ter Putte) for 26,000. Two foals came in at 24,000 euros: Canazei (Cornet Obolensky x Kannan) and Lovecard de Loi (Comme il Faut x Carnute). Only three of the 64 foals fetched less than 6,000 euros.

In short, a top auction. VP chairman Arjan van der Waaij cannot help but be very satisfied. “Last year the collection was already very good, this year perhaps even better. We have a very good product and we notice that customers are finding us better and better. The buyers come from all over the world, even from Australia, America and Italy, and large sports stables are here live. Katharina Offel also bought one. People know that the story is true, that the foals come from excellent performance lines. The foals also have to be top notch, otherwise it won't work."

Van der Waaij emphasizes that the auction is pleased that breeders entrust their foals to 'Prinsjesdag'. “They have to grant their foals, but on the other hand we also market them well for them. I hope that tomorrow we will be able to achieve such a result during the auction of the dressage foals. There are already many registrations from buyers and the VIP tables are sold out. We are looking forward to."

Emerald embryo from Tequila van Spieveld sold to Monaco

The exceptional embryo of Harrie Smolders' Olympian Emerald out of the top mare Tequila van Spieveld has been sold via to Team VDW Monte Carlo from Monaco. The half-sibling of, among others, Echo van 't Spieveld was turned down online for a nice amount of 17,000 euros.

Basson van der Westhuizen is the proud new owner of the embryo. “We are very excited about this purchase. It's a long-term investment, but we hope it pays off in the end. It would be wonderful if this embryo becomes as good as the siblings!”

The South African who lives in Monaco is also a breeder of sport horses. “In Argentina we have a breeding farm for warmbloods, but because the import legislation is quite strict there, you are limited with your breeding choices. That is why we now want to set up more breeding in Europe.” The ultimate goal with this exclusive embryo is the sport. “If all goes well, we hope that this Embro will grow into a good sport horse. In any case, we leave him or her in professional hands in Belgium or France," emphasizes Basson van der Westhuizen.

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