NVK champion Rosatrichta van de Westen for 44,000 euros auction topper

NVK champion Rosatrichta van de Westen for 44,000 euros auction topper 29e edition Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

With a turnover of more than one million euros and an auction topper for 44,000 euros, the 29e edition of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag as successful
know in. The champion of the KWPN National Foal Inspection Rosatrichta van de Westen was also popular at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and remains in Dutch hands for 44,000 euros. Among the jumping foals it was Ceasaria Key SR Z (Chacco Blue x Bentley van de Heffinck) who brought in the most money with 36,000 euros and left for France.

Dressage toppers stay in the Netherlands

The dressage collection had several highlights this year; In addition to the Le Formidable daughter Rosatrichta van de Westen, bred by C. Kikkert from Den Burg (Texel), who sold for 44,000 euros, Roluciënne STMT (Bordeaux x Ampère) and Rainman Texel (Glock's Toto Jr x Negro) both exchanged for 30,000 euros owner. More than 20,000 euros was also paid for promising foals such as Royal Class (Franklin x Gribaldi) and Rain Beau (So Perfect x Krack C). The more expensive dressage foals mainly stayed in the Netherlands, while the jumping foals mostly left for abroad.

Breeding success for the family Keys

Ceasaria Key SR Z (Chacco Blue x Bentley van de Heffinck), a filly from the famous Usha van 't Roosakker line, was one of the successful breeding products of the Keys van Keystud family from Roggel. This Chacco Blue daughter is leaving for France for 36,000 euros. The second most expensive foal also comes from the breeding of the Sleutels family; Dominatrix Key SR Z (Dominator Z x ET Cryoozootech), a filly from the lineage of Qerly Chin, will stay in the Netherlands for 32,000 euros. A British buyer won the very striking colt Cognac van 't Gebergte Z (Chacco Blue x Diamant de Semilly), a grandson of Niels Bruynseels' Ilusionata van 't Meulenhof, for 30,000 euros. Furthermore, Conthargos daughter Cavalluna STS Z goes to Belgium for 26,000 euros and a third key breeding product yielded 24,000 euros, namely the striking Grandorado TN son Glory Key SR Z, who is leaving for Germany.

'Live auction gives extra charm'

The average price of the dressage foals was 13,000 euros, while the jumping foals fetched almost 14,500 euros. The final average was 13,600 euros. A painting by artist Jan Peeters was sold for 5000 euros for the Ambulance Wish Foundation. “With such an average price and a sales percentage of more than 90 percent, we are proud to be back as an auction”, says Prinsjesdag chairman Arjan van der Waaij. “We enjoyed this 29e edition and it was nice to be able to organize a live auction again. Guests in the hall and a nice ambiance give an auction such as Foal Auction Prinsjesdag extra charm; this provides additional motivation for the future”, Van der Waaij looks back and ahead.

Collection September auction complete

Our next auction will take place on Tuesday 21 September. Recently, our selectors have been on the road to select the pearls among the foals. And they succeeded! The selection is complete and we are very pleased with how it looks.

Dressage selector Lauw van Vliet: “I have been following the Prinsjesdag auction for years, even before I became a selector, and I dare to say that this is the best selection we have ever had. A fantastic group of foals with a few real outliers. It strikes me that a number of young stallions breed above average, so we were able to select several foals from them.” Van Vliet knows another reason why the average quality is high: “My colleague selector Cas van der Oord is so fanatical, has so many contacts via social media, so knows exactly what is being born and so we are often the first on site to foal to view. That works great!”

Willem van Hoof is responsible for the jumping foals together with Fred van Straaten. Willem: “We once again have a strong collection across the board. Sport in the dam's line is a very important criterion for jumping foals. We have foals with dams and/or grandmothers who have performed highly in the sport and from strains that are full of achievements. Of course it remains important that the model, foundation and movements are correct. In that regard, we have very complete foals.” Van Hoof indicates that he has made a nice mix of proven and young stallions: “Obviously you cannot avoid the Chacco Blues and Cornet Obolenskys, we were able to select very good foals from them. At least as interesting are the young stallions such as Mumbai, O'Neil van het Eigenloo and Uricas van de Kattevennen. We have also seen great foals from those stallions.”

We are eager to present this phenomenal selection to you and hope for just as wonderful a day as the 2020 edition.

Also curious about our collection

Please be patient! Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 August, photo video days at MVM Horses, De Steeg

Auction Tuesday 21 September, Ermelo


Jumping and dressage embryos in high demand at Embryoveiling Prinsjesdag

Jumping and dressage embryos in high demand at Embryoveiling Prinsjesdag

The first embryo auction of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag in 2021 will go down in the books as a success; both the jumping and dressage embryos were sold quickly for attractive prices. Of the sixteen embryos offered, 75 percent were sold to a total of seven different countries. The Chacco Blue embryo from the Van 't Roosakker line in the Netherlands remains for 18,000 euros, just like the Gribaldi embryo from O.Bertje for 17,000 euros.

Once again international interest in the interesting collection of embryos from Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. The auction year has been successfully kicked off with this first edition of 2021. “A good start with a lot of enthusiasm from various bidders, both at home and abroad. We are also very satisfied with the sale of the various dressage embryos. It appears once again that interesting dam lines combined with good stallions are popular in both the jumping and dressage markets,” said chairman Arjan van der Waaij. “That is why we are once again pleased with the confidence of the entrants, who have helped to make this strong collection possible.

Not only the jumping embryos, but also the six dressage embryos were sold well in this online edition. The exclusive Gribaldi embryo out of the top mare O.Bertje stays in the Netherlands for 17,000 euros; O.Bertje is the dam of Grand Prix stallion Tango, Grand Prix horse Bonzanjo and the NMK champions Zhara-Obertje and D.Obertje.

The Lord Europe embryo from O.Bertje was also well received and is going to Great Britain for 12,000 euros. The embryo of multi-champion Valverde out of the NMK champion Heliana VOD – the half-sister of Kjento and Mowgli VOD – goes to the same investor from Great Britain.

The Chacco Blue embryo from the Bentley van 't Heffinck daughter Grand Cru van 't Hagenhof remains in the Netherlands for 18,000 euros and is therefore the topper of this first embryo auction of 2021. Grand Cru van 't Hagenhof is a daughter of Babbe van ' t Roosakker – the famous Grand Prix jumping mare bred directly out of Usha van 't Roosakker. The Chacco Blue embryo out of the Numero Uno daughter Lollypop van 't Heike – from the line of Valentina & Fairlight van 't Heike – was also in demand and is going to Belgium for 14,000 euros. Two embryos were also sold to Hungary and further to Poland, the United States and Spain.

Foal Auction Prinsjesdag starts season with embryo auction

Start of 2021

In the current, uncertain times, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag likes to think in solutions and possibilities to serve both the breeders and the regular customer base. Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will therefore be auctioning online again this year in addition to a hybrid auction. Besides an online auction on March 2nd for interesting embryos, there will be an early foal auction on May 18th. In addition, Prinsjesdag will be present during the beautiful competition of the Schuttert family in Ommen on 10 July. Finally, the hybrid auction is scheduled for 14 and 15 September. You can now register your breeding product for both the early foal and embryo auctions!

Auction of pregnancy

The first online auction is scheduled for Tuesday 2 March. In this auction some genetically very interesting dressage and jumping embryos and pregnancies will be sold. Selector Fred van Straaten, together with Willem van Hoof responsible for the jumping foals: “We will be selling pregnancies for the first time this year, so foals that simply sit in their own mare and remain with the breeder until weaning. The advantage of this is that there is no hassle of bringing surrogate mares back and forth, etc. You can see it as an extra service to the buyers.” Van Straaten hopes to be able to select from the large customer base: “If you look at our references, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has produced many sport horses. So it turns out our breeders know what they are doing!”

Early Foal Auction

Another service is the early online foal auction on May 18. Dressage foal selector Cas van der Oord explains: “Dressage and show jumping foals born in February, or even January, are difficult to select for an auction in September. By then they are half yearlings and not at their most commercial. That is why we offer the possibility to auction these foals online in May, so that breeders still have the opportunity to sell their breeding products well.” Together with Lauw van Vliet, Cas is responsible for the dressage foals to be selected.

Power of performance  

As is now known, Prinsjesdag uses the adage “Power of Performance”, which means that the breeding products to be auctioned descend from mares that have competed in sport themselves, have given sport or come from dam lines. who have delivered extraordinary performances. Do you expect a foal from a mare that meets these criteria or do you have an (icsi) embryo that is interesting for the Prinsjesdag auction? Then you can give it up for the embryo or foal auction via the registration form on the Prinsjesdag website: www.prinsjesdag.eu


Christmas Newsletter


Our beautiful Christmas model in this newsletter is none other than the KWPN approved Edinburgh (Vleut x Darco) jumping at 1.60 level. A reference we are proud of!

This stallion was bred by Messrs Lindeboom and Meijer from Dalfsen out of the line with which they had so many successes. Grandma Firstlady is also the grandmother of Tyson (Numero Uno x Voltaire) with whom Leon Thijssen achieved many successes. “Edinburgh was born not far from me and we were very smart about that line as it produces many good sport horses. Edinburgh stood out with a huge canter, very explosive. In combination with such a family, we couldn't resist. Although you could perhaps say that he could have developed a little more," says selector Fred van Straaten.

At the auction it was Jos Althuyzen who took the stallion home. Jos: “During the auction there was a so-called syndicate that was interested in the foal. They had determined not to go further than € 25,000 with each other. I offered that €25,000 and since they didn't have time to discuss with each other to increase the price, it came into my hands.”

The bay stallion grew up well and after approval by the KWPN, Jos and Trudi Houwen (where he is still at stud) became co-owners. Their son Kristian Houwen subsequently became particularly successful with Edinburgh. For example, they twice won the stallion competition and several victories in the international Youngster Tour. Later Edinburgh finished with Kristian in a beautiful 5e place during the Sires of the World competition in Lanaken. Since the end of 2019, the talented stallion can be seen under the saddle of Maikel van der Vleuten and they seem to be a promising combination for the future!

We would like to thank Maikel and his girlfriend Rachelle for this Christmas shoot!

Jos and Trudi Houwen / Edinburgh

On to a beautiful 2021

The year 2020 will probably stay with everyone. An ominous virus appeared in the Far East and where we initially thought we would be spared, this turned out to be an illusion in March. The country was locked down due to Covid-19. This also had major consequences for the horse world and Indoor Brabant was one of the first events that had to experience this first-hand.

Despite a considerable list of disadvantages, there appeared to be a small advantage for breeders… Top stallions were freshly available this season. In addition, mares were used for breeding that are active at a high level in sport in normal life. For this reason, we, as lovers of breeding, have great expectations for the 2021 year. Surely there should be special specimens among them?

For us it was uncertain whether the auction could go ahead in September. Given the circumstances, we wanted to continue to offer our customers (breeders and buyers) a platform. That is why we were able to successfully organize two online auctions. We were so lucky that we could still hold a real live auction after this! It was a beautiful, warm day with excellent results. What is possible in 2021, of course, remains to be seen.

In 2021 Cas van der Oord will be part of the dressage selection committee together with Lauw van Vliet. We are very happy with that and look forward to this collaboration with confidence! On the other hand, it means that we say goodbye to Jacques Verkerk. We are very grateful to him for the past year in which he fulfilled his task with great commitment and passion.

In this special year we are grateful to our breeders and buyers for their trust. We will continue in 2021 on our chosen route where we want to remain innovative, selecting only the best of the best and keeping the power of performance as our starting point.

On behalf of the entire organization and board of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, I wish you a healthy 2021 with hopefully a lot of breeding success!

Arjan van der Waaij
President Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

Our references in 2020

The number of matches in 2020 was significantly less than 2019, due to the Covid-19 virus. Just think of wonderful events such as Indoor Brabant, CSI Twente and Military Boekelo in our own country. Nevertheless, 59 of the horses auctioned by Foal Auction Prinsjesdag achieved a result in 2020, ranging from young horse competitions to results at 5 star level.

One of the youngest horses in the list is the six-year-old Napoli PP Z (Numero Uno x Ahorn Z). With Dennis van den Brink, this mare achieved several great results in young horse classes. The oldest in the list was auctioned in 2000 and is therefore already 20 years old! This MT Athos (Akribori x Donnerschlag) successfully completed GP dressage trials this year with his American rider Barbara Wendy Denton.

Due to the postponement of the Olympics, there are a number of combinations that have to maintain their good form a little longer. One of these is First Apple (Vivaldi x TCN Partout) with Sarah Lockman. They won a Grand Prix in Wellington this year and they seem to be well on their way to a team place for Tokyo 2021. For those who can only benefit from the fact that the Olympic Games are a year later, Gaesbekers Glamor Girl (Zirocco Blue x Caletto I ). This impressive mare shows with Henrik von Eckermann that her bar is certainly not at 1.50 and showed several good rankings this year. A combination to keep an eye on! Another candidate for the Olympic Games is Feeling Luckey (Bustique x Krunch de Breve, co-owned by Bert van Kooten) with Karim el Zoghby. De Vos already has the nickname Tokyo, hopefully she will bring that luck!

It is not only the sport horses that advertise our auction. During the second and third viewings of the KWPN stallion selection in Den Bosch, there was one stallion that was not left untouched: Defender Z (Dominator Z x Padinus). The beautiful black stallion stole many hearts with his performance and covered (certainly for a young stallion) a considerable number of mares this year. We are proud that our selectors selected Defender as a foal, all the more so because his sire Dominator Z was not well known at the time.

2020 could just have been the year of Jameson RS2 (Blue Horse Zack x Negro). This impressive, approved stallion was selected with his rider Marieke van der Putten for the World Championship for young dressage horses. It would be the second time that they represented our country at this event. Unfortunately, the World Cup, like so many events, was canceled due to the Covid-19 measures.


Cas van der Oord joins the selection committee Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has established a new strength for the selection committee dressage with Cas van der Oord. The young breeder from Schoorl in North Holland has been involved with Foal Auction Prinsjesdag for many years and will be responsible for the selection of dressage foals together with Lauw van Vliet. “A great opportunity – I'm really looking forward to it,” says Van der Oord.

The Van der Oord family has had a strong relationship with Foal Auction Prinsjesdag from the start. “My father was already involved in setting up the auction. When we had a better foal at home, we always first went to Foal Auction Prinsjesdag," says Cas van der Oord. “When board members Co Out and Gerard Koks approached me for a place on the dressage selection committee, I considered this carefully. I am of course still young, so it is quite a leap of faith, but that also makes it a very good opportunity.”

New Generation

Van der Oord represents a new generation and hopes to attract new people to the auction. “You still appeal to a new target group and you also try to stay informed via social media about what is being bred and where interesting foals are born. In addition, I hope that I have the goodwill with my existing network to capture interesting foals for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.”

As a selector, Van der Oord believes that you should not wait to see what is offered. “In these times you have to be extra on top of it. I am already making contacts in order to be able to select interesting foals in the spring. I have also already approached several large breeders in Germany, in order to be able to bring free blood to the Netherlands. This is well received and many breeders would like to auction at Prinsjesdag.”

Collaboration with Van Vliet

Together with stallion owner Lauw van Vliet, Van der Oord will take care of the dressage selection. “I am really looking forward to working with Lauw. He is a very passionate man and I think I can learn a lot from him. The collaboration with Lauw has been decisive for me to seize this opportunity with both hands," concludes Cas van der Oord.

Newsletter with Sport Horse Clinic Wolvega and references Hummer & Genesis

Hummer successful at the European Championship in Budapest

One of our references in the dressage ring that we are particularly proud of is Hummer (by Charmeur x Caresia by Daddy Cool). That he already stood out as a young horse is evident from the fact that he was twice the reserve of the Dutch team at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. This summer he and his rider Quinty Vossers represented the Netherlands at the European Championship for young dressage horses. And not without success! With the team they won a gold medal and as debutants also reached the individual final.

The breeder of Hummer is Jac Duivenvoorde from Egmond Binnen. “I bought Hummer's mother when she was two weeks old. For such a young foal she could move separately. Her dam Resia (by Ferro) is also the dam of the approved stallion Dream Boy. When Hummer was two weeks old we took him to a foal inspection in Hoofddorp and there he walked just as apart as his mother at that age. The selection committee of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag was present at that inspection and he was selected for the auction,” says Duivenvoorde.

Duivenvoorde: “The horses from this line stand out because they give themselves extra under the saddle. Quinty once told us she can ride Hummer up to three times a day. We recognize this in his mother and her other offspring. We would have loved to go to Budapest this summer to see them at work there, but due to the Covid-19 problem, we didn't think it was wise. Who knows where we can encourage them in the future!”

Wolvega Sport Horse Clinic, partner with an important task! 

Prior to the foal auction, the selected foals are checked three times by a veterinarian. The first time by the breeder's vet. Then by Marco de Bruijn and his team from Sportpaardenkliniek Wolvega during the photo/video day and upon arrival on the day of the auction. This is done very skillfully. An important task, which involves checking whether the foals are correct, do not have an overbite and/or show heart, lung or eye abnormalities. In addition, it is checked that the animals do not have an umbilical hernia and that the testicles of the colts have descended. We are pleased that this important task is in the hands of our partner Sportpaardenkliniek Wolvega!

This health center for horses is located in Friesland and really needs no further introduction. It is one of the most progressive clinics in our country where you can go for various specialist treatments. There are three different accommodations on the site: the hospital, the gynecology department and the sport horse clinic. In addition, the clinic has a farrier and laboratory.

“For us as a foal auction it is important to work together with skilled veterinarians who have above average knowledge of foals. The assessment of a foal is ultimately different from that of an adult horse. With the Wolvega team we have that unburdening knowledge in house and that feels comfortable! We are therefore very grateful to Wolvega for the work they do for us," said the chairman of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag Arjan van der Waaij.


Genesis, a real winner! 

In 2011 we auctioned a thoroughbred colt by Eldorado van de Zeshoek from the famous Minka line. Nine years later, this Genesis is causing a furore in America with its Brazilian rider Cassio Rivetti. “We sold two foals at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, Genesis in 2011 and his sister Hadiminka a year later. Genesis had a lot of charisma and was certainly not afraid, I remember that well. Nico Witte bought it at the auction and after we delivered it to Schijndel, I haven't heard anything about it," says Marti van Dijk, who bred Genesis together with HJH Bonenkamp from Lemelerveld.

Van Dijk: “I once saw Genesis running in 1.20, but had no idea he was doing so well until I read a few weeks ago that he had won a big trophy in California. That was a huge surprise! Unfortunately I don't have anything from his stock anymore, the mother of Genesis (Buminka B v. Odermus R) is now at Meulink here in Lemelerveld.”

Still, the win in November was not Genesis' first success at this level. He already won the Del Mar Grand Prix in July. His Olympic rider Cassio Rivetti has been riding Genesis since the beginning of this year and is very enthusiastic about the gelding: “He is super consistent and doesn't make mistakes easily. He's improved a lot since I've ridden him. He is extremely talented and I am super happy with him. Who knows where the future will take us!”


Cornet Obolensky stallion foal out of Olympic Gibrouille du Lys to Poland for 40,000 euros

In a sun-drenched arena, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag had a wonderful auction day in Ermelo yesterday. With an average price of more than 11,000 euros for the dressage and jumping foals, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag achieved a good result in this auction that is geared to the corona measures. The Cornet Obolensky stallion Chic Philyra VV Z became the auction topper for 40,000 euros; this son of the Olympic mare Gibrouille du Lys is leaving for Poland after an online offer.

Both live on site in Ermelo and via the online bidding system of ClipMyHorse.TV Auctions, the interesting jumping and dressage foals were bid fanatically. There was interest from all over the world and the Prinsjesdag foals were eventually sold to buyers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Australia, Poland, Sweden, Great Britain, Hungary, the United States and Austria.

30,000 euros for Chacco Blue son
Auction topper Chic Philyra VV Z was appreciated right from the start due to his unique pedigree, fantastic model and strong way of cantering. This Cornet Obolensky son comes directly from Gibrouille du Lys, who participated under the Spanish Pilar Lucrecia Cordon in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the European Championships in Aachen. After a fanatical bidding duel between interested parties in the arena and online, Koen Olaerts' hammer finally fell to 40,000 euros and Chic Philyra VV Z leaves for an online bidder from Poland.
The second prize winner was also a jumping foal, namely the special Chacco Blue stallion foal Umano de W&S. This half-brother of former world number one Halifax van het Kluizebos fell into the hands of Dutch investors for 30,000 euros.

Texel foals in demand
In the dressage direction, the foals of Wim van der Linde from De Cocksdorp, Texel were once again popular. The magnificent colt Poleposition Texel (Glock's Toto Jr. x Negro) became the most expensive dressage foal for 24,000 euros, while his stable mate Princess Lady Texel (Daily Diamond x Ferro) was sold for a handsome 22,000 euros. Both foals remain in the Netherlands.

12,000 euros for charity foal
Quality of Darena WD Z (Quabri de l'Isle x Celano) owned by Stal Dekker from Benningbroek was auctioned for research into the treatment of melanoma cancer and was purchased by Egbert Schep for a handsome amount of 12,000 euros. 6,000 euros of this will be donated to the research of Prof. dr. Van den Eertwegh.

More than 11,000 euros on average
The average price for the Prinsjesdag foals was more than 11,000 euros; EUR 11,650 was paid for the jumping foals, while the dressage foals were sold for an average of almost EUR 10,000.
“We are pleasantly surprised that we ran a good auction despite the current time. Although we were not able to match last year's top prices, we can look back with satisfaction on the progress of the auction," says Foal Auction Prinsjesdag chairman Arjan van der Waaij. “We have received a nice number of guests and we have received many positive reactions regarding the adapted setting. It was a beautiful day, in which the weather conditions also played a positive role. The auction was followed online by many interested parties and we received bids from all over the world.”

On to 2021
“The entire team of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag would like to thank the entrants for their enthusiasm and loyalty to the auction. In addition, a special word of thanks to the buyers – both the longstanding regular customers of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and the new customers. Congratulations on your purchases and we are already looking forward to 2021!", concludes Arjan van der Waaij.

The time has come: today Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

Completely according to tradition, today on the third Tuesday of September it is time for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag! From 14:00 this afternoon you can bid on the exclusive collection of dressage and jumping foals on site or online. The Prinsjesdag team is ready, are you?

Auctioneer Koen Olaerts will receive the 62 Prinsjesdag foals in the arena from 14:00 this afternoon and bids can be made both live at the KNHS center in Ermelo and online via online.prinsjesdag.eu be released. The auction can of course be followed live via the ClipMyHorse.TV livestream.

The schedule for Tuesday, September 15 is as follows:
Arrival foals 09:00 – 11:30 hrs
View foals 12:00 – 13:30
Reception of guests 13:30 – 14:00
Auction starts at 2:00 PM

Foal viewing
The dressage and show jumping foals will be auctioned in one auction this year from 2 pm. Since applying the corona measures in a traditional foal presentation seems difficult to achieve, this has been cancelled. From 12:00 noon, interested parties will have the opportunity to view the foals in and around the stable complex in order to get a good impression of the collection. Naturally, all foals appear live in the arena during the auction.

Important info
Website: https://www.prinsjesdag.eu/
Collections: https://www.prinsjesdag.eu/collecties/ 
Register as an online bidder: https://www.prinsjesdag.eu/online-bieden/
Online bidding: https://www.prinsjesdag.eu/online-bieden/
Questions or more information? info@prinsjesdag.eu or +316 10469127 (Linda Mailly)

Auction order Foal Auction Prinsjesdag announced; register now as an online bidder!

62 jumping and dressage foals will be auctioned on Tuesday 15 September at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and here you will find the auction order† From 2 pm these exclusive foals will be auctioned by auctioneer Koen Olaerts and you can bid on the interesting collection both on site and online.

Foal Auction Prinsjesdag starts next Tuesday at 2:00 pm with charity; part of the proceeds of the filly Quality of Darena WD Z (Quabri de l'Isle x Celano) goes to research into the treatment of melanoma cancer. The 38 jumping foals and 24 dressage foals then appear alternately on the track and both live and online bidders can place their bids.

From Jameson RS2 to Totilas, from Le Formidable to For Romance I
The dressage collection consists of a strictly selected group of foals – put together by selectors Lauw van Vliet and Jacques Verkerk. Excellent stallion and filly foals with the best pedigrees are part of the collection. Think of the offspring of promising stallions such as Jameson RS2, Just Wimphof, Livius, Le Formidable and Kjento; but also foals from proven Grand Prix stallions such as Totilas, Painted Black, Glock's Toto Jr. and For Romance I.
Well-known dam lines are also represented, including the performance line of Wim van der Linde from Texel, the lineage of Jerich Parzival, Governor and TC Athene, the Sonnevanck line and many others.

Half-brothers of Harley van de Bisschop & Halifax van het Kluizebos
Fred van Straaten and Willem van Hoof also managed to pull out all the stops for the show jumping collection for this September edition. Take Harley Optimus Z, for example, the three-quarter brother of Global Champions Tour winner Harley van de Bisschop. Or Umano de W&S – a Chacco Blue son from the same dam as former world number one Halifax van het Kluizebos.
A granddaughter of former world champion Liscalgot and a direct son of the Olympic mare Gibrouille du Lys are also part of the collection. Furthermore, the damlines of Qerly Chin, Glock's London, Usha van 't Roosakker, Emerald, VDL Glasgow van 't Merelsnest & Sapphire, Havinia & Zinius, Vindicat W & Woklahoma, Valentina van 't Heike and Larthago are amply represented by both interesting mares - as colts.

Performance by TVOH singer Danilo Kuiters
Foal Auction Prinsjesdag can receive a limited number of guests next Tuesday. Would you like to be present as a VIP guest? Then sign up quickly via info@prinsjesdag.eu for the latest VIP tickets. The organization of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will do its utmost again next Tuesday to create the unique Prinsjesdag ambiance. The VIP guests are treated to a generous VIP package including dinner, an extensive drink package and snacks. The Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will again provide entertainment with, among other things, a performance by the Dutch singer Danilo Kuiters – semi-finalist in The Voice of Holland.

Online bidding
Via the online bidding system of ClipMyHorse.TV Auctions you can also bid online for the 62 Prinsjesdag foals next Tuesday from 14:00. Go to https://online.prinsjesdag.eu/register to register as a bidder and log in next Tuesday via www.prinsjesdag.eu or https://online.prinsjesdag.eu/auctions to bid on the foals. For questions or more information, please contact us at info@prinsjesdag.eu or by phone +316 10469127 (Linda Mailly).

Click here for the auction order.

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