Newsletter with our partner Anemone and reference Defender Z


Due to the Covid-19 virus, it was uncertain for a long time whether our auction could take place in September. We were therefore very happy that after a number of measures and adjustments we could actually auction the hybrid on 15 September. Under truly beautiful summer conditions, those present were able to enjoy the great foals and good business was done. Buyers were given the opportunity to bid from all parts of the world through ClipMyHorse.TV Auctions' online bidding system.

The auction was started with Quality of Darena WD Z (van Stal Dekker from Benningbroek), who was auctioned for charity: For research into the prevention of the recurrence of melanoma cancer by Prof. dr. Van den Eerwegh. Egbert Schep bought this beautiful filly for 12,000 euros, half of which was donated to this noble cause.

The toppers from Texel were once again in demand among the dressage foals. The spectacular Poleposition Texel (Glock's Toto x Negro) became the most expensive dressage foal for 24,000 euros. Like her stable mate, Princess Lady Texel (Daily Diamond) will remain in the Netherlands for an amount of 22,000 euros. The auction topper was Chic Philyra VVZ. A son of Cornet Obolensky and Gibrouille du Lys, who himself took part in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This strong foal leaves for Poland for 40,000 euros. For 30,000 euros Chacco Blue son Umano de W&S remains in Dutch hands.

The average price was more than 11,000 euros, with the jumping foals yielding 11,650 and the dressage foals almost 10,000. We are extremely pleased that we were able to experience such a successful auction under the current circumstances and we are therefore very grateful to our buyers, entrants and partners.

Anemone Horsetrucks more than a partnerr

One of those partners we are grateful for is Anemone Horsetrucks.

Since 2015, Anemone Horsetrucks has been an official partner of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. Anemone is known for supplying horse trucks for every customer where quality is of paramount importance. Bert van Kooten: “We have been associated with the auction for a long time. When the auction first took place in Ermelo, we started putting up cars as decoration. It has since grown into a great partnership. Just like Prinsjesdag, we try to aim for a certain level, which I think is the reason that we are a good match. It is great that we can support each other in the market in this way.”

Over the years, Van Kooten made a number of purchases at the auction that proved to be worthwhile: “One of the first foals we bought was Feeling Luckey (by Bustique x Krunch de Breve), this gelding now jumps 1.60 with Karim El Zoghby. Karim has his sights set on Tokyo with this amazing horse. Until then, of course, a lot can still happen, but we can already say that Feeling Luckey was a good purchase at the time. Thanks to the successful purchases and the great collaboration, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has become part of our DNA!”

Reference Defender Z popular with breeders

One of the showpieces of our auction is the Defender Z, bred by Daphne van der Schaar. This son of jumping cannon Dominator Z and the Padinus daughter Atureusa Z, who jumped 1.40 (inter)nationally herself, was sold as a foal at our auction. The bidder that drew the longest straw was Herman Verhagen. "I thought Defender was a remarkably good foal at the time, he moved with a lot of flexibility, was well put together and with Dominator as a father and a good sports mother, he was very interesting to us."

Last year, Defender Z excelled in free jumping at the KWPN and Zangersheide stallion selections. Herman: “During the training prior to the inspection, Auke de Jong, who trains all our stallions, already let us know that he appeared to be of above-average quality. It is wonderful that it turns out this way at the inspection.” As a result of this free jumping, his interesting pedigree and beautiful exterior, Defender was able to look forward to a lot of interest from the breeders. Verhagen: “This season, he has covered a large number of mares through the Enterbrook stallion farm in Enter. For this reason we took it easy with him under saddle, but the first jumps under saddle seem to be of the same quality as in free jumping. We are very curious about his first foals!”


The time has come: today Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

Completely according to tradition, today on the third Tuesday of September it is time for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag! From 14:00 this afternoon you can bid on the exclusive collection of dressage and jumping foals on site or online. The Prinsjesdag team is ready, are you?

Auctioneer Koen Olaerts will receive the 62 Prinsjesdag foals in the arena from 14:00 this afternoon and bids can be made both live at the KNHS center in Ermelo and online via be released. The auction can of course be followed live via the ClipMyHorse.TV livestream.

The schedule for Tuesday, September 15 is as follows:
Arrival foals 09:00 – 11:30 hrs
View foals 12:00 – 13:30
Reception of guests 13:30 – 14:00
Auction starts at 2:00 PM

Foal viewing
The dressage and show jumping foals will be auctioned in one auction this year from 2 pm. Since applying the corona measures in a traditional foal presentation seems difficult to achieve, this has been cancelled. From 12:00 noon, interested parties will have the opportunity to view the foals in and around the stable complex in order to get a good impression of the collection. Naturally, all foals appear live in the arena during the auction.

Important info
Register as an online bidder:
Online bidding:
Questions or more information? or +316 10469127 (Linda Mailly)

Auction order Foal Auction Prinsjesdag announced; register now as an online bidder!

62 jumping and dressage foals will be auctioned on Tuesday 15 September at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and here you will find the auction order† From 2 pm these exclusive foals will be auctioned by auctioneer Koen Olaerts and you can bid on the interesting collection both on site and online.

Foal Auction Prinsjesdag starts next Tuesday at 2:00 pm with charity; part of the proceeds of the filly Quality of Darena WD Z (Quabri de l'Isle x Celano) goes to research into the treatment of melanoma cancer. The 38 jumping foals and 24 dressage foals then appear alternately on the track and both live and online bidders can place their bids.

From Jameson RS2 to Totilas, from Le Formidable to For Romance I
The dressage collection consists of a strictly selected group of foals – put together by selectors Lauw van Vliet and Jacques Verkerk. Excellent stallion and filly foals with the best pedigrees are part of the collection. Think of the offspring of promising stallions such as Jameson RS2, Just Wimphof, Livius, Le Formidable and Kjento; but also foals from proven Grand Prix stallions such as Totilas, Painted Black, Glock's Toto Jr. and For Romance I.
Well-known dam lines are also represented, including the performance line of Wim van der Linde from Texel, the lineage of Jerich Parzival, Governor and TC Athene, the Sonnevanck line and many others.

Half-brothers of Harley van de Bisschop & Halifax van het Kluizebos
Fred van Straaten and Willem van Hoof also managed to pull out all the stops for the show jumping collection for this September edition. Take Harley Optimus Z, for example, the three-quarter brother of Global Champions Tour winner Harley van de Bisschop. Or Umano de W&S – a Chacco Blue son from the same dam as former world number one Halifax van het Kluizebos.
A granddaughter of former world champion Liscalgot and a direct son of the Olympic mare Gibrouille du Lys are also part of the collection. Furthermore, the damlines of Qerly Chin, Glock's London, Usha van 't Roosakker, Emerald, VDL Glasgow van 't Merelsnest & Sapphire, Havinia & Zinius, Vindicat W & Woklahoma, Valentina van 't Heike and Larthago are amply represented by both interesting mares - as colts.

Performance by TVOH singer Danilo Kuiters
Foal Auction Prinsjesdag can receive a limited number of guests next Tuesday. Would you like to be present as a VIP guest? Then sign up quickly via for the latest VIP tickets. The organization of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will do its utmost again next Tuesday to create the unique Prinsjesdag ambiance. The VIP guests are treated to a generous VIP package including dinner, an extensive drink package and snacks. The Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will again provide entertainment with, among other things, a performance by the Dutch singer Danilo Kuiters – semi-finalist in The Voice of Holland.

Online bidding
Via the online bidding system of ClipMyHorse.TV Auctions you can also bid online for the 62 Prinsjesdag foals next Tuesday from 14:00. Go to to register as a bidder and log in next Tuesday via or to bid on the foals. For questions or more information, please contact us at or by phone +316 10469127 (Linda Mailly).

Click here for the auction order.

Sign up quickly for the last VIP seats

The sale of the VIP tickets for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has now opened and the maximum number of visitors has almost been reached. Would you like to be present on Tuesday 15 September to attend the auction live? Then sign up quickly via

Due to the corona measures, there are unfortunately only a limited number of places for guests - if you would like to attend the auction live, you can make use of one of the VIP packages. VIP tables will be set up for four people this year and tables for two people are also available. As a VIP guest you will receive a VIP dinner with a drink package and snacks; All this to allow you to experience the unique atmosphere of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag in 2020 as well.

Program Tuesday 15 September
12:00 – 13:30: Viewing foals
13:30: Reception VIP guests
14:00: Start auction

Can't attend? No problem, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag can be followed completely live via the ClipMyHorse.TV livestream and you can also place your bids online. You can register as an online bidder via

Quabri de l'Isle foal Quality of Darena WD Z auctioned for charity

On Tuesday September 15, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will auction the filly Quality of Darena WD Z for research into the treatment of melanoma cancer. A portion of the proceeds from the Quabri de l'Isle filly will be donated to this research. Quality of Darena WD Z is made available by the Dekker family from Benningbroek.

“This spring, our long-standing loyal driver Willem Dekker passed away from the consequences of melanoma cancer,” says Foal Auction Prinsjesdag chairman Arjan van der Waaij. “In consultation with the Dekker family, the board of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has decided this year to focus on research into the treatment of this disease for a good cause.”

Willem Dekker's wife Anja and daughters Mariëlle and Yvette decided to make their filly Quality of Darena WD Z available and to donate part of the proceeds to research into the treatment of melanoma cancer.
Quality of Darena WD Z is a filly by the top stallion Quabri de l'Isle out of the Celano daughter Darena. With her excellent pedigree and sporty dam line, Quality of Darena WD Z endorses the longstanding motto of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag: 'The Power of Performance'. Dam Darena produced the jumping talents Incredible WD and Happy Feet WD and is closely related to Grand Prix show jumpers such as Twister, Osina and Evander HS.

Foal Auction Prinsjesdag takes place on Tuesday 15 September at the KNHS center in Ermelo. Due to the corona measures, the auction will be organized outdoors this year and therefore the auction will take place during the day. There is also the option to bid online. The auction starts at 2:00 PM.

Foal Auction Prinsjesdag live in the open air with guests

Taking into account all government and RIVM guidelines, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will organize a live auction on Tuesday 15 September – albeit in a modified variant. The location remains unchanged; Traditionally, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will take place at the KNHS center in Ermelo. The set-up and decoration are different from normal, for example, the foal auction will take place in the open air with space for a limited number of VIP guests and invited guests.

In addition to the 59 already published foals, three wild card foals will also be auctioned by Koen Olaerts on Tuesday 15 September. In order to comply with all guidelines, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has drawn up a careful and extensive corona plan. Unfortunately, the organization is only allowed to receive a limited number of guests during the live auction this year, but everyone has the option to bid online for the exclusive foals.

Unique Prinsjesdag atmosphere
The VIP box is divided into several separate tents around the auction arena, each with two VIP tables for four people. In this way the 1,5 meter distance rule can be applied, but the organization still tries to create the unique atmosphere of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.

Foal viewing
The dressage and show jumping foals will be auctioned in one auction this year from 2 pm. Since applying the corona measures in a traditional foal presentation seems difficult to achieve, this has been cancelled. From 12:00 noon, interested parties will have the opportunity to view the foals in and around the stable complex in order to get a good impression of the collection. Naturally, all foals appear live in the arena during the auction.

The schedule for Tuesday, September 15 is as follows:
Arrival foals 09:00 – 11:30 hrs
View foals 12:00 – 13:30
Reception of guests 13:30 – 14:00
Auction starts at 14:00 o'clock

If you are interested in one or more Prinsjesdag foals and would like to attend the auction, please register as soon as possible via† For online bids you can register at

Prinsjesdag breaks the trend with absolute top auction

Buyers from home and abroad have shown optimum appreciation for the rock-solid collection of jumping foals of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag by buying into their pockets. High-quality foals with the very best bloodlines achieved a wonderful average of more than € 14,300 and the interesting filly New Usha van 't Studutch yielded the top prize of € 52,000. With an absolute top auction, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has shown that quality and potential are still well paid.

Chairman Arjan van der Waaij looks back on a fantastic auction. “We had a very good feeling about the collection beforehand, but it all has to happen at the auction. You need the right buyers and several interested parties per foal. Tonight everything came together and our fine collection has been greatly appreciated by buyers from home and abroad.” Many prominent buyers were present in Ermelo, and several foals were also sold via telephone bidding and real-time live bidding via the internet. “The foals were pulled from all sides and that resulted in a great auction. We have some very good outliers but we are also very happy with the high average. Two-thirds of the foals have been sold for a price of more than 10,000 euros, which means that the breeders have received good prices for their interestingly bred foals.”


The most expensive foal sold was New Usha van 't Studutch, bred from the Van 't Roosakker line. This Cavalier Royale daughter, bred by Sjaak van der Lei, will remain in the Netherlands. The second most expensive foal was also an extremely interesting filly, namely the Cornet Obolensky daughter Next Meta. This full sister of the KWPN champion stallion Kannan Jr. earned her breeders Wobbe and Marietje Kramer 44,000 euros and she will continue her career with top rider Cian O'Connor. This rider also purchased the Aganix du Seigneur foal Athletico Z out of the full sister of Big Star. Other highlights were the Cumano daughter Nanalotte ES, who leaves for England for a price of € 44,000, the Opium JW van de Moerhoeve daughter Summer van den Bisschop, who moves to Miami for € 36,000 and as the most expensive colt the striking wildcard Unterwelt from the Gerendal Z (by Untouchable) with a prize of € 32,000. The latter was one of the foals sold through the online bidding.

a lot of confidence

For the first time this year, each foal started at 5,000 euros. “As an organization we have a lot of confidence in the foals and that is why we have increased the opening bid this year. That worked out well because no one got stuck around this amount. Quality is paid for, which has fortunately been proven again today.” The foals have been sold to countries such as America, England, Colombia and Germany, yielding an average price of €14,338. “Certainly in view of the large number of 65 foals auctioned, that is a very good average. This auction has made a lot of breeders happy and we hope to see them again next year with their foals. It is also very positive that many foals have been sold directly to good riders and stallion owners. With this we have not only ensured sales and good prices, but hopefully also a great future for the foals. Now on to tomorrow, hopefully the auction of the dressage foals will also be such a success”, concludes Van der Waaij. The filly Velleza-S Z, auctioned for charity, came into the hands of Jan Vink and Siem Kat for € 13,000. Half of this will go to the Support Casper Foundation.

Partner in the picture: Havens Horse Feeds

Over the years, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has not only built up a large network of buyers and entrants, the auction has also entered into a successful alliance with a select group of business partners. One of these partners is Ports Horse Feeds† This Dutch-based company sells their horse feeds all over the world.

The Havens range consists of chunks as well as mueslis and various mixes. From broodmares and recreational horses to Grand Prix horses, Havens puts together feed for every type of horse. They strive for the highest achievable quality. This means that top riders know where to find the company. Havens sponsors riders such as Jeroen Dubbeldam and Adelinde Cornelissen. In addition, they have been feed suppliers for the prestigious international top competition CHIO Aachen (DE) since 2004.

Bart Minten is a sales manager and has been working for Havens Paardenvoeders for over 25 years: “Products for (top) sports performance play an important role within the company, but everything starts with the basics; the breeding. We have special pellets for pregnant and lactating mares and feed for foals and young horses up to 18 months. With this we provide them with all the necessary nutrients for the best possible start.”

Fixed value in horse country
Havens was founded in 1845 in the Netherlands and operates worldwide in 55 countries. What is special is that all these countries are served from one production location. “All the feed that is sold all over the world is produced in the Netherlands. This way we can guarantee the quality of our feed. Because the factory is located on the river Maas, the supply of raw materials is very efficient.”

Bart maintains contact with international customers, stables and riders with whom he has entered into a partnership. The choice to become a partner at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag was an easy one for him. “We operate worldwide with our company and the international character of the auction fits in well with this. I speak to many of our customers at the auction.”

Partner in the picture: Agterberg bv

Over the years, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has not only built up a large network of buyers and entrants, the auction has also entered into a successful alliance with a select group of business partners. One of the partners from the very beginning is Agterberg bv. This company is known worldwide for its exceptional class equestrian surfaces.

Ton Agterberg is one of the faces of Agterberg bv. Together with his brother Frank, he is a owner-manager in the contracting company that specializes in sports surfaces, large-scale landscaping, ground, road and hydraulic engineering and events and calamities. The third generation is now joining the family business, which employs about 180 people. “Our company has both feet in the world of equestrian sport. That is why we are happy to support an event such as Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. We have been an official partner for about five years now. Before that, we already provided the soil for the auction at the KNHS center.”

Agterberg bottom, a household name in horse country
Hearing the name Agterberg rings a bell with many equestrian enthusiasts. The company is responsible for the soils at international equestrian events such as CHIO Rotterdam, Jumping Amsterdam, Outdoor Gelderland and CHIO Aachen. Not only equestrian sport is an expertise of the company. The football fields of PSV, Vitesse, Papendal and the KNVB center are also maintained by Agterberg.

Agterberg inherited the love for equestrian sport from home. “We used to have a pony riding school at home and we did a bit of breeding. Our parents had six children and they all wanted to ride, so we ended up in equestrian sport. My father always cared for the bottoms for the Veemarkt in Utrecht, the UTV. This is where the foundation was laid for the current core activity equestrian bottoms

Agterberg closely follows developments in the equestrian world. “The sport is changing at a rapid pace. If you see what is happening in Aachen now, it is very different from 20 years ago. There is much more thought about everything than before. Good breeding is the basis of good sports performance. Competitions are becoming more and more technical. And the management around the horses is highly professionalized. You can also see a big difference in the soils compared to then. Our bottoms remain stable yet resilient. It is our goal to let the horses perform as well as possible. Certainly on a grass track like the one in Aachen, that is quite a job. We have made it as optimal as possible with a special mix of sandy soil and grass.

The quality of Agterberg does not go unnoticed by stable owners. “In the meantime, we have also built the first professional grass slopes in the Netherlands. Jan Vink of Stoeterij Blackhorses and De Peelberg had the scoop. We have a broad company, think in solutions and never say 'no'. Nothing is too crazy for us. You have to think ahead. Just like in breeding. That is our strength and that means that Agterberg and Foal Auction Prinsjesdag complement each other well.”

Xcellent Horse Insurance offers sellers security

Over the years, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has not only built up a large network of buyers and entrants, the auction has also entered into a successful alliance with a select group of business partners. Xcellent Horse Insurance has many years of experience in the field of horse insurance. The partnership with Prinsjesdag has been going on for much longer, but this year the organizations have strengthened their ties even further.

Tinus Krikke has been a consultant at Xcellent Horse Insurance since the beginning of this year: “The segment of foals sold at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag deserves customization, and we specialize in that. This year we developed an exclusive product for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag in collaboration with insurer ASR.”

An insurance policy is taken out for all auction foals for death and accidents, without deductible. The foal is insured from the photo-video days until two weeks after delivery to the new owner. Until the auction for an amount of €10,000 and from the hammer blow for the auctioned amount. “With this we offer the sellers a great deal of security. Foals are sold for high prices, and then the period between the auction and the transfer is often quite tense.”

Xcellent Horse Insurance offers insurance for every type of horse. The organization is unique in that they can also provide horses in the exclusive segment with insurance. Customized solutions are offered for this.

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