“Pablo was a beautiful foal and could move well. All of his mother Kadivette's foals were special.”

Breeder: Jan and Greetje Nijhuis

What was Pablo like as a foal?

“Pablo was a beautiful foal and could move well. All of his mother Kadivette's foals were special and about nine of her children have been sold at auctions.”

How is his mother Kadivette?

“We still have his mother Kadivette (Voltaire x Ursus). She is now 25 years old, but she looks much younger. She walks in the meadow with a horse of our neighbor. She is a sensitive mare, very sweet to handle, but she was not so easy under saddle. She has competed in M-dressage. She has the elite predicate and has produced many good foals. Several children compete at Z-dressage or higher and she is the dam of Onkadivette (Come On x Voltaire) who has competed at Z1 dressage, of which daughter Victoria ter Kwincke (Emilion x Come On) jumped 1.40m and another Emlion daughter jumps 1.35m . Furthermore, son Goldwin (Montender x Voltaire) is not without merit in the eventing sport of Great Britain.”

Do you still follow Pablo?

“We used to breed very actively; always went to Holstein to inseminate mares and brought many foals to auctions. At the moment we are no longer very active in equestrian sports. It's nice that Pablo is doing so well with his Canadian rider! I still take care of his mother Kadivette every day. We also have a gelding in the sport, but we no longer breed.”

Why did you choose the Prinsjesdag Auction and do you advise other breeders to sell foals through the auction?

“We gave up Pablo ourselves at the time and he was selected, which was nice. We have had many foals at auctions. Nine children by Kadivette have been sold at auctions alone, of which Onkadivette (by Come On), Raphael (by Espri), Traumblume-Divette (by Escudo I), Unique BH (by Escudo I), Zandro (by . Sandro Song) and Esprit Z (by El Bundy I) were also sold at the Prinsjesdag auction. We are therefore enthusiastic about the Prinsjesdag auction and would recommend it to other breeders as well.”

How did you experience the auction at the time?

“The Prinsjesdag auction was still in Middenbeemster at the time. It was always fun at the auction. Because it was already twenty years ago and we sold many foals through the auction, I can't remember much about it. It was still in the Golden Age.”


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