“The buyer made a good investment at the auction at the time!”

Breeder: Fred van Straaten

1. What was Arc de Triomphe like as a foal?
“Arc de Triomphe was an enterprising, tough foal. Already when he was a few days old I saw that it was a topper. He was big, well put together and a strong canter with a lot of suppleness. These are traits that I see a lot in his maternal line. At the presentation at the auction, he sold himself.”

2. How is his mother?
“His mother is the 1.60m show jumper Una Bella S (by Calvados). At the age of sixteen she is still jumping internationally with the Italian Matilde Giorgia Bianchi. She also achieved many international successes with Hendrik-Jan Schuttert. I chose Triomphe de Muze at the time, because this stallion himself performed strongly in sport and with Chin Chin and Galoubet in his veins, he was a correct addition to the dam's line. Afterwards she had two more offspring from him. These two horses also perform at international level: Baretta S (2006) jumps 1.50m with the Italian Tommasco Conti and Ciao Bella S (2007) jumps 1.45m with Josta van Straaten. I still breed from the line of Una Bella S, because we also breed with Ciao Bella. She already produced the designated stallion Hazelhorst (by Cardento).”

3. How did you experience the auction at the time?
“Arc de Triomphe was a commercial foal. He looked good and was a fantastic canter. There was already a lot of interest during the presentation and many bids were made during the auction. †

4. Do you recommend other breeders to sell their foals through the Prinsjesdag auction?
“I certainly advise other breeders to sell through the Prinsjesdag auction. Good prices are offered and the organization has built up a lot of trust that you can benefit from as an entrant. Not only is the auction itself interesting, but as a breeder you also make use of the platform that the auction offers. The photos and videos of the foals are widely viewed on the internet and this gives your breeding fame. I myself have had several foals auctioned through the Prinsjesdag auction, but because I am not a member of the selection committee anymore in recent years.”

5. Do you follow Arc de Triomphe closely and has it met your expectations?
“Yes, the results are easy to follow via Horsetelex and I also keep track of everything via social media. I don't have much time to look at competitions on the spot. Arc de Triomphe certainly lived up to my expectations with its performance at international level. At the time, the buyer made a good investment at the auction!”

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