“Arc de Triomphe was the best foal!”

Buyer and owner: Jan Schuttert

1. Why did Arc de Triomphe appeal to you at the time at the auction?
“I thought Arc de Triomphe was the best foal at the auction that year. He had quality and was a descendant of a good line of the Van Straaten family.”

2. How did the rearing and training of Arc de Triomphe go?
“We raised and trained him ourselves. That went without any problems. No matter how good a foal is in terms of model or pedigree, the training ultimately determines whether the horse becomes a good one or not. †

3. Did Arc de Triomphe live up to your expectations?
“Arc de Triomphe certainly lived up to my expectations. He has a super jumping technique with an excellent use of the foreleg. He is also reliable, his attitude and health are top notch. In the show jumpers he was champion of the Netherlands in both the six- and seven-year-olds. He also performs with great success at an international level, together with my son Frank. He has won many ranking tests, which count towards the world ranking.”

4. Do you have a special relationship with Arc de Triomphe?
“Yes, Arc has been with us for twelve years. It is a very sweet and easy horse to handle”.

5. What are other people saying about Arc de Triomphe?
“Other people like it when they hear that we bought him as a foal and that he has grown into such a good international top jumper.”

6. Was it exciting at the time with bidding?
“You select the foals that you like in advance. It is then exciting whether you can buy these nominated foals within the budget.”

7. Why do you advise people to buy a foal at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag? Why would you rather buy a foal and not a three or four year old?
“There is a lot of choice at the Prinsjesdag auction and the foals have a good pedigree. Organizing an auction for three-year-olds would also be a good idea.”

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