'Holland Horse Land' again present at Longines Global Champions Tour in Mexico City

Amsterdam – Following last year's success, Mexico City will once again be dominated by the Longines Global Champions Tour from April 6-9. Once again the team of Equine Support International (ESI) will act as ambassador of Holland Horse Land. This is an annual project of the Dutch Embassy in collaboration with several Dutch partners, including Horse Service International, KLM, Prinsjesdag foal auction, Team Nijhof, Ehorses, Hank Melse Stables, KWPN and De Wiemselbach. They will work together to show the Mexican equestrian what we as the Netherlands Horse Country have to offer.

Due to the growing demand for KWPN horses and friezes in Mexico, the demand for Dutch horse knowledge is also increasing. The Holland Horse Land project responds to this demand by bringing Mexican equestrian athletes together with the Dutch equestrian sector in order to increase horse welfare and thus improve sports performance.

This year, the Holland Horse Land stand will serve as a major source of equestrian information for visitors to the event. In the stand, Mexican horse lovers can find everything about Dutch equestrian sport and its knowledge, products and services. Think of the 10 commandments for a healthy horse, studbooks and the innovative products and services that the Dutch equestrian sport is rich in.

This is a nice follow-up to a hopefully annual Dutch presence in Mexico City, where seeing and being seen is of great importance.

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