Healthy horses thanks to Havens horse feed!

Havens Voerders has been a household name in the region since 1846. After the Second World War, Havens expanded its range to include horse feed. A logical choice given that more and more agricultural horses were used for sport and recreation. The demand for honest and high-quality horse feed continued to grow and their range is now available in more than 50 countries worldwide!

The welfare of the horses is of paramount importance to Havens. For example, they only use natural raw materials, which is not only good for well-being, but also for the ecological footprint they leave on this world. While much horse feed is focused on a formula to optimize production or performance, Havens opts for the health of the horses, which ultimately benefits performance.

This fits in nicely with our wishes for the foals and we are very proud that Havens has been associated with our foal auction for years thanks to Bart Minten and his close contacts within our board. Curious about their products? HAVENS is present during our auctions and provides goodie bags for the breeders! Read more about Havens via:

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