Clarity in finances thanks to Felix Hippisch

Finances: no one's favorite activity. It is quite a challenge to do this well, especially in the equestrian sector. Just think of the exceptions in the field of VAT percentages. Felix Hippisch provides clarity here for every horse owner as an expert in the tax field. Did you know, for example, that thanks to their efforts, the VAT margin scheme can now be applied to a foal?

Felix is not only the proud sponsor of our foal auction, but has also been assisting us legally for years. At our auctions they support foreign buyers with the transactions and associated taxes. As a Dutch horse owner, you can of course also contact them for all your legal and financial issues.

Exclusivity and quality are of paramount importance to Felix, but it is especially the passion and affinity with the horse industry that shine through when you talk to one of the employees of this family business. For example, owner Jos Felix bought Nadira Esther (by Vitalis) at our foal auction 4 years ago. Daughter Annelotte Felix scored 80 points at the past KWPN championships in Ermelo with this beautiful 5-year-old mare and also works in the marketing department at Felix. Read more about Felix Hippisch via

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