Exclusive Prinsjesdag foal collection at CSI4* Ommen

On Saturday evening, August 4, nine very interesting jumping foals will be auctioned by auctioneer Ernesto Canseco at the first edition of the Prinsjesdag foal auction at the international competition in Ommen. The collection is now online.

For the coming edition of CSI4* Jumping De Driehoek in Stegeren-Ommen, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and the Schuttert family have joined forces. By auctioning a very select group of high-quality foals between the ranking test and the Medium Tour final, sport and breeding come together beautifully. “We are looking forward to the auction because we have a lot of confidence in the initiative, the execution and the collection. We were able to select nine interesting sport foals, descending from stallions such as Balou du Rouet, Berlin, Quabri de L'Isle and Toulon”, says selection committee member Fred van Straaten.

Ideal shop window
By really looking up the sport, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag expects to attract a different audience than at the existing auctions on 11 and 12 September in Ermelo. “We have been selecting the very best foals for 26 years that underline our motto 'The power of performance'. Our entire selection is dominated by the sport, because that's where the horses prove themselves and people want to invest in it. In this way we can present promising foals with pedigrees brimming with performance genes on a great sports podium”, chairman Arjan van der Waaij adds.

Close to the sport
The foals for the auction in Ommen all have a lot of potential to develop into excellent show jumpers. “As a breeder and as a member of the selection committee, we follow international sport closely. We keep track of results and are alert to all developments. This also had consequences for the way in which we started to select foals. The point here is that there is as much sport as possible in the foal's first generations. So not a distant cousin, but a direct relationship,” explains Van Straaten. “Our southern neighbors have made great strides with this and Belgian breeding has -unconsciously- also had a clear influence on our foal collections. We are pleased that we have been able to select nine very interesting foals for the auction in Ommen, and are completely dependent on the breeders for this. They once again proved very loyal to us as a foal auction, and the majority of breeders were immediately enthusiastic about our new initiative in Ommen.”

One mare and eight colts form the collection. Check them out now on the site.

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