The motto of the National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag 'the power of performance' has been confirmed in the results of the Olympic Games in London.

Gerco Schröder delivered a fantastic performance yesterday with his horse Eurocommerce London by winning silver at the Olympic Games in London. Within the elite collection of the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, a number of foals are strongly linked to the horses that are in the top 10.

Olympic gold was won for the Swiss Steve Guerdat's horse, the fantastic jumping Nino de Buissonnets has Kannan as his sire. Kannan has proven himself in both international show jumping and breeding. During the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, no fewer than 3 Kannan offspring are offered.

43. Hero W (Kannan x Carthage)
44. Hamilton Leva WD (Kannan x Numero Uno)
45. Kanelle Z (Kannan x Quistello)

Silver was there for our 'own' Gerco Schröder. His horse Eurocommerce London is better known in breeding as Carembar de Muze. The foal Come to London is the foal with this famous sire.

13. Come to London (Carembar de Muze x Krunch de Breve)

Video NOS, silver day Gerco Schröder.

Just outside the individual medals (5the) but Kamal Bahamdan from Saudi Arabia finished with a bronze team medal. His horse Noblesse des Tess is a descendant of the stallion Cumano. Under Jos Lansink, Cumano caused a furore in the international show jumping sport and signed for the sire of one of the top collection foals that will be auctioned during Prinsjesdag.

24. Cruch on You (Cumano x Caretano)

The phenomenal jumping Big Star won a gold medal together with his rider and the British team. In recent months, Big Star has shown that it is in a class of its own, so expectations for the coming years are very high. During the auction on September 18 it is possible to acquire one of the few foals from Big Star.

10. Hieka W (Big Star x Clearway)

Mark Houtzager and Tamino finished 9the during the individual final. Tamino is a descendant of the stallion Numero Uno. No fewer than three foals by Numero Uno are being auctioned. Numero Uno has proven to pass on his jumping genes to his offspring.

51. Nojito AG Z (Numero Uno x Alcatraz Son)
52. Hot Uno Star (Numero Uno x Quick Star)
53. Highlander C (Numero Uno x Vingino)

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