PRESS RELEASE, 20 SEPTEMBER 2011Unfortunately three foals aren’t present at the auction. Catalogue number 9 Bretton Woods x Ferro, 21 Corland x Canturo and 72 Vivaldi x Rubin Royal aren’t present.

PRESS RELEASE: 20 SEPTEMBER 2011The auction order will be published after the presentation of the foals. The presentation will start at 15.00 hrs. The results of the auction will be published during the auction. By clicking on the link below you can find the auction results.



Auction order & results

Confidence by top breeders leads to a collection of unprecedented quality
The National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag is extremely proud that it can rely on the confidence that is shown by so many top breeders every year. The best breeders- both at home and abroad- have invested in first class stallions for their top brood mares: subsequently the breeders are able to offer up the products of so much of their care and expertise for the Prinsjesdag auction. It is thanks to this confidence of the breeders that on Tuesday 20 September at the KNHS there will be an elite collection of unprecedented quality for sale.

The selection committee of Bert Poppelaars, Fred van Straaten and Peter Bleeker will have, for example, a dazzling foal out of the top mare Astrid Sollenburg (OO Seven x Metall) for the auction. In the EPTM test, Astrid Sollenburg scored a nine for trot, canter, self-carriage and balance and for potential. At six years old, Astrid Sollenburg is already successful in ZZ-Light. Her son Goldwyn Sollenburg descends from Bretton Woods, who has since been sold for a fortune to Paul Schockemöhle and Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff. Goldwyn Sollenburg moves with a great deal of suppleness, balance and self-carriage.

Two times Apache x Rhodium
Thanks to the breeders, the selection committee is in a position to present two extremely good mare foals, both of which come from a fantastic lineage and both of which have Apache as sire and both of which have Rhodium as dam’s sire. This is a top combination very apparant to see in the exceptional quality of Giwemmie W (out of the northern stock renowned for movement of Arnoldo Thor) and Gentle Irene (out of the Gelders movement lineage of the national champion Norene and the dressage crack Artiest).

Poetin yet again
From France, once again there is an extremely interestingly-bred son out of a Poetin clone. This Danemark de Hus has the Hanoverian dressage progenitor Dancier as sire. Danemark is an extremely well-developed stallion foal with a streamlined and high-in-blood sports body; he has a lot of suppleness and technique when he moves.

De Niro
Donnatelli is also extremely interesting: he moves with much power, scope and expression. Sire De Niro produces a continuous stream of Grand Prix horses. The dam line, with Florencio, Quattro and Ulft make Donnatelli even more interesting for stallion breeding.

Nothing but Grand Prix
Breeders of the Year Jacqueline van Anholt and Frank van de Valk, together with the Animal Embryo Centre Diergaerderhof, are offering the beautiful mover Genetic Black for auction. It is seldom one sees a foal move like this: this tough guy is, after all, a son of the world renowned progenitor Jazz and is also out of a full sister of Painted Black. Nothing but Grand Prix genes on both sides of the pedigree!

Wynton x Caprimond
Of equally brilliant quality is the Wynton son Gaudi, bred out of the Light Tour mare Maronia elite. The Trakehner grand sire Caprimond himself performed in Grand Prix. Grandam Saronia was champion of the approvals mares at the UTV and is at the basis of the Grand Prix horse Pavarotti (sire: Ferro). Gaudi’s formidable dressage genes are expressed in movements to die for.

The National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag forms the spearhead for its vigorously developed ‘prestatie’ breeding programme. The very latest developments in the area of top sport and the necessary first class breeding to support it are embodied in a brilliant collection of 77 top athletes that will be auctioned on Prinsjesdag, 20 September next in the KNHS Centrum. Moreover, there will be six brood mares with exclusive unborn foals that will be coming under the hammer of master auctioneer Hans Sinnige.

In the Prinsjesdag auction there will be as many as three progeny from the stallion Nabab de Reve. He is sire to Eurocommerce London who, last Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, won the princely sum of 320,000 euros in the Global Champions Tour. As well as this, the stallion foal Niro de Landetta (sire: Nabab de Reve) is, in the dam line, bred in exactly the same way as Cha Cha Z (Carthago x Beach Boy) who, in Rio under Judy Ann Melchior, came in sixth place. The other two Nabab progeny are a beautiful mare foal out of a full sister of Numero Uno and a fantastic stallion foal out of a Numero Uno dam of the unsurpassed Leva bloodstock.

The Prinsjesdag auction also follows the developments in the Bundeschampionat. There, the Toulon daughter Toulouse was the impressive champion of the six-year-old show jumpers. On Prinsjesdag the high-in-blood Goldplay, son of Toulon x Corland, will come under the hammer. This fabulous stallion foal goes in a direct line back to the Grand Prix mare Isabelle (sire: Voltaire).

Additionally, it is also in the dressage arena that the Prinsjesdag auction has a finger on the pulse. Florencio once again distinguished himself in Warendorf with a number of excellent dressage horses. On Prinsjesdag there will be Gazz, an imposing son of Florencio out of a star daughter of Jazz x May Sherif x Doruto (three times top progenitor for the Grand Prix) and the beautiful mover Gerona LE (Jazz x Triton) coming up for offer.

And finally, it should also be mentioned that also coming up for auction is the first rate Prinsjesdag foal Gorgeous Vurona who had the early-deceased top class stallion Fürst Heinrich as sire, just as did the new Bundeschampion Fürstenball.

The selection committtee of the National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag (Tuesday 20 September in the KNHS Centrum) attach great importance to the build, correctness and movement of the foals they select. On top of this, they rigorously select for pedigree value. From their own experience, Fred van Straaten, Peter Bleeker and Bert Poppelaars know that inherited talent very much counts in future possibilities for a horse becoming a sport or breeding horse.

And this is very evident when international giants of sport are at the basis of such elite foals. From Mylord Carthago HN- the top French state stallion under the saddle of top horse woman Penelope Leprevost- there will be as many as five progeny appearing on Tuesday 20 September in the KNHS Centrum. Nabab de Reve, who was extremely successful under Philippe Le Jeune at the World Equestrian games in Jerez in 2002, has had three progeny selected for the Prinsjesdag auction. And Casall la Silla, this year two times winner of the jackpot of the Global Champions Tour, is being represented by two foals in the elite selection.

Quick Star
What is also remarkable is the presence of a stallion foal from the recently deceased top progenitor Quick Star. This Galoubet son was extremely successful himself with Meredith Michaels. His son Quickly LVP is bred out of Holstein stock 1986 of the Grand Prix horses Cappucino and Lucky Luke.

Wim van Dam
Guillaume B has an international phenomenon as sire too: Calvaro- in his time a crack under the saddle of Jos Lansink and the Whitaker brothers. Guillaume’s breeder is also a crack: Wim van Dam.

Four stars in a row
The attractive mare foal Graphira has four international stars of show jumping in her pedigree: Diamant de Semilly, Mr. Blue, Lux and Nimmerdor. The Nimmerdor mare is the full sister to Barones and aunt to the stallion Lancelot.

Vigo x Cruising
Vigors Z descends from two world champions. Sire Vigo d’Arsouilles took Philippe Le Jeune to the world title in Kentucky. Grand sire Cruising not only won the Grand Prix of Aachen but also the World Cup, the international winter championships. Moreover dam Orashi also held her own in the Grand Prix herself.

Furthermore, there are foals available at auction from world stars such as Tyson, Sandro Boy, Cardento and Lord Z.

After an extremely rigorous selection, 77 top foals have been picked for the 2011 series for the National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. On 20 September, this elite Group will come under the hammer in the KNHS Centrum, together with six brood mares with extremely exclusive unborn foals who are the absolute top of the world’s performance breeding.

From the imposing PAVO Cup champion Charmeur comes his son Grandeur who is up for auction. He is bred out of the same bloodstock with famous movement that also produced the Grand Prix horse Luzelma Slottie. Another great promise for dressage is Donnatelli. Sire De Niro provided numerous Grand Prix winners and the dam line of the beautiful mover Donnatelli supplies great genetic value with Florencio, Quattro B and Ulft.

Casall two times
For show jumping, there are many potentially brilliant young horses in the Prinsjesdag collection. We have, for example, two top sons of Casall la Silla, the youngest hallmark stallion from Holstein who, this year, won the jackpot of the Global Champions Tour two times. His son Can Do comes directly out of the international mare Ipanema (sire: Carolus I) so thus out of the top stock of Clinton I and II, Clintus, Chica Bay, Levisto Z etc.

The second Casall son is Cascade (dam’s sire: Contender), bred out of Holstein stock 8798 with the stallions Creve Coeur, Chippendale and the Grand Prix horse Vegas.

This Tyson son Thunder G is also very special indeed. Sire Tyson has already won numerous Grand Prix and the dam line is that of Fighting Alpha, Experiment and Eurocommerce Vigaro.

VDL Groep Santana B
The extremely promising young KWPN stallion Back Gammon suffered an untimely death from colic earlier this year. From this extremely talented Montender son comes the beautiful stallion foal Gameboy who is up for sale at the Prinsjesdag auction. His dam jumped successfully herself at ZZ level and is a half sister to VDL Groep Santana B, Mistieke and Luxgood.

In the catalogue the wrong trotting photo has been printed by foal number 1, Glowy (Ampere x Frühling). The correct photo of the by Paardenfokkerij Smilda bred Glowy can be found on the website its also possible to click on the link underneath.

Glowy (Ampere x Frühling)

The elite collection of foals that will be auctioned on Prinsjesdag, 20 September next in the KNHS Centrum consists of 77 top athletes from the 2011 series. As well as this, there will be six unborn foals of extremely exclusive pedigree that will come under the hammer of auctioneer Hans Sinnige. Here we have the absolute best of the breeding season  2010/2011- all of which conform to the highest of standards for correctness, model, movement and very exclusive pedigree.

The international show jumper stallion Vleut was very recently acquired by Jan Tops and Edwina Alexander. Vleut is not only sire to the national foal champion Girisco, but also to the Prinsjesdag crack Globetrotter, bred out of the national show jumper mare Olympic Queen (sire: Darco). Grandam First lady is dam to Nirvana and grandam to Tyson and Tadmus.

Zirocco Blue VDL
Zirocco Blue VDL was also extremely successful with his progeny at the National Foal Approvals. Two of his progeny were among the top 10. Two of his best daughters will be auctioned at Prinsjesdag. Gaesbekers Glamour Girl is a daughter of Zirocco Blue out of Moonlight II by Caletto I, sire to, among others, Calvaro Z. This branch of the distinguished Holstein lineage 18A1 has produced, for example, the licensed stallions Levland (sire:   Levantos I), Casini Royale (sire: Casall), Casino Royal (sire: Casall), Attaché (sire: Acorado I) and Cantanis (sire: Cantus).

Zirocco Blue VDL’s other daughter, Gintura, descends from purely hallmark stallions (Corland x Indoctro x Emilion x Lucky Boy xx) and is bred out of the dam line of the international horses Fernando, Rebel Rex, Profyta Velvet and Rozenhof’s Rosetta.

Triomphe de Muze
VION champion Arc de Triomphe of Frank Schuttert descends from the top stallion Triomphe de Muze and is bred by the Van Straaten family. This same breeder used the same stallion for one of their other mare lines: the Sina stock.  For the Prinsjesdag collection, this produced the top foal Gladiator-S: Triomphe de Muze x Cardento x Libero H x Cantus x Renville x Farn x Sinaeda.

Unborn foal out of stock of Herarda
The famous international mare Herarda (sire: Nimmerdor, stock of, for example, Jacomar, Sebastian, Willemijn) is dam to the donor mare Barbera star (sire: Indoctro). On Prinsjesdag, under number 6 of the unborn foals, the product of the international show jumper stallion Untouchable out of Barbera star of Indoctro x Herarda by Nimmerdor will be up for sale.

The National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag is a prominent supplier for sport and breeding. So it is this week too that no less than three former Prinsjesdag foals are in the second viewing of the KWPN Stallion Approvals.

Mr. Nijhof of Rietmolen is the breeder of Drogba, the super athletic son of Verdi out of Ielottie W, ‘pref. prest.’ of Voltaire, the full sister to the international show jumper Igon W. Out of this dam line of Peter and José van Wegen-  well known as the Zottie lineage- come celebrities such as Jarno W, Lazuli, Tennessee W and the KWPN stallion Amadeus. At present, Drogba is owned by Stoeterij Sterrehof.

Mr. Slik of Hoogeloon bred one of the cracks of the first viewing: Doha-MS (Eurocommerce Berlin x Olavsca F ‘keur sport-spr’ of Celano x Rigoletto). This well-built stallion, bred out of the stock of the NRPS stallion and WC participant Gandor Fortuna, made an impression in the first viewing at Ermelo with his scope, good manners and his canter. Mr Korbeld and Mr Brinkman bought this young crack at the auction and are still the owners of Doha-MS.

The third Prinsjesdag stallion is Diomaro VDL. With WC participant Canturo as sire, World Cup winner Libero H as grand sire and hallmark stallion Farn as great grand sire Diomaro VDL shows all the Holstein blood of his background. Dam Iomara carried the same name as her lineage cousins that were brought out in international competitions for Italy. Diomaro VDL, who jumps with great power, has been bred by Mr. Everts of Vlierden and is now based in Bears at the PERSBERICHT, 20 SEPTEMBER 2011

Catalogusnummer 9 Bretton Woods x Ferro, 21 Corland x Canturo en 72 Vivaldi x Rubin Royal zijn afwezig.
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