Collection Early Foal Auction Prinsjesdag full of exceptional genetics & talent!

This year our selectors went out early in the year to select foals for our “early foal auction May 18”. With great enthusiasm about the quality they were offered, they were able to select no fewer than 12 dressage and 10 jumping foals. Interestingly, these foals descend from both older proven stallions and young upcoming stars.

Grand Prix fathers

“We are very enthusiastic about what we have been offered along the way, it was a joy to be able to select such foals,” said dressage selector Lauw van Vliet. One descendant of the fantastic Totilas was selected from a dam of Charmeur who is the sister of several top dressage horses. Recently, Glamourdale under Charlotte Fry scored highly in Hagen and won the Grand Prix there. The selectors were therefore very pleased that they could select a Glamourdale for the auction. This strikingly moving River Woods comes out of an Apache x Johnson mare.

Young talents

Jameson RS2 and Johnny Depp, both very successful in the young horse trials, both deliver one foal. Lauw van Vliet: “We have a very interesting colt by Johnny Depp who moves exceptionally and has a lot of looseness, from the line of Patser, among others. Just like the foal of Just Wimphof, the Jameson comes from the successful breeding of the van Oort family. Those are strains in which sport is anchored and you can see that in these foals!” Out of the mare Ginoeska, who finished high in the Pavo Cup, a foal by So Perfect is being auctioned and out of the well-known Obertje line a colt by Fontaine TN. The Charmeur daughter Gudith W, who has no less than two brothers at GP level, produces a beautiful colt in combination with For Ferrero. A beautiful colt from Glock's Taminiau is being auctioned.

First year

“We have selected a colt from the first crop of FS Bloomberg with a really beautiful model, he comes from a daughter of the famous GP horse Reine B. The son of Fynch Hatton is not inferior to him in terms of model, also a very interesting foal.” The dressage collection is concluded with a daughter of First Date, from the well-known Nola line. A beautiful and very interesting foal, her stock is full of sport and that in combination with her appearance should be a guarantee for success!

Jumping foals

Among the jumping foals, a large number of foals descend from GP stallions, as befits Prinsjesdag, paired with mares from top lineages. Comme Il Faut supplies two, one from the strain of Hernandez TN and the other from the strain of Greenday, the new topper of Aniek Diks. Emerald creates a spectacle with the colt Versace van 't Zaveleinde, his grandmother is the full sister of none other than Corofino I. One of the most sought-after stallions of the moment, Dominator Z is the sire of a colt from a mare line full of sport. Quabri de L'isle delivers a colt out of a dam of Lupicor who herself competed at 1.40 level. The dam of Randolero SH (Carrera VDL) also jumped at 1.40 level.


Roselitha and Esperanza Z are very interesting for those looking for a mare foal to build up their own tribe. Roselitha's sire is Chaqui Z, who gave Ireland success for many years under Shane Sweetnam and her dam comes from the well-known Bryolieta line. Esperanza Z is a daughter of Escape Z. Under Harrie Smolders he could just be the successor of his sire Emerald. Esperanza's dam comes from the fantastic Zottie line.

Dourkhan Hero Z

The promising Dourkhan Hero Z is the sire of Rapido van Seldsum. His mother is the half sister of Roelofsen Horsetrucks Eldorado, the 1.60 horse of Jeroen Dubbeldam. Selector Fred van Straaten: “We first look at the mare lines, did the mother compete in sport? From the mother we look further at the grandmother and great-grandmother. The structure of the pedigree is very important. We would rather not see a stallion who has never achieved anything. These foals all have a fantastic pedigree and are well put together. We think it is a really special collection!”

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