National Foal Champion Rosatrichta van de Westen becomes top-seller for 44,000 euros


National Foal Champion Rosatrichta van de Westen becomes top-seller for 44,000 euros in 29th Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

With a turnover of more than one million euro and an auction top-seller for 44,000 euros, the 29th edition of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag can be considered a successful one. The champion of the KWPN National Foal Championships, Rosatrichta van de Westen, impressed once again at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and remains in Dutch ownership for 44,000 euros. The most expensive showjumping foal turned out to be Ceasaria Key SR Z (Chacco Blue x Bentley van de Heffinck), who will leave for France for 36,000 euros.

Top dressage foals stay in the Netherlands

The dressage collection had several highlights this year; in addition to the Le Formidable daughter Rosatrichta van de Westen, bred by C. Kikkert from Den Burg (Texel), which was sold for 44,000 euros, Roluciënne STMT (Bordeaux x Ampère) and Rainman Texel (Glock’s Toto Jr x Negro) were both sold for 30,000 euro. Promising foals such as Royal Class (Franklin x Gribaldi) and Rain Beau (So Perfect x Krack C) were also sold for more than 20,000 euros. The most expensive dressage foals mainly stayed in the Netherlands, while the showjumping foals mostly went abroad.

Breeding success for Sleutels family

Ceasaria Key SR Z (Chacco Blue x Bentley van de Heffinck), a filly from the famous Usha van ‘t Roosakker line, was one of the successful breeding products of the Sleutels family from Keystud, Roggel. This Chacco Blue daughter will leave for France for 36,000 euro. The second most expensive foal is also bred by Sleutels; Dominatrix Key SR Z (Dominator Z x E.T. Cryoozootech), a filly from the line of Qerly Chin, remains in the Netherlands for 32,000 euro. A British buyer took his chance for 30,000 euro on the very striking colt Cognac van ‘t Gebergte Z (Chacco Blue x Diamant de Semilly), a grandson of Niels Bruynseels’ Ilusionata van ‘t Meulenhof. Furthermore, Conthargos daughter Cavalluna STS Z went to Belgium for 26,000 euro and the striking Grandorado TN son Glory Key SR Z goes to Germany. With a selling price of 24,000 euros, Glory Key SR Z was a third successful breeding product of Key Stud.

‘Live event brings extra charm’

The average price of the dressage foals was 13,000 euros, while the showjumping foals brought in almost 14,500 euros. The overall average turned out to be 13,600 euros. A painting by artist Jan Peeters was sold for 5,000 euro for the benefit of charity Stichting Ambulance Wens. “With such an average price and a sales percentage of more than 90 percent, we are proud to be back as an auction,” says Foal Auction Prinsjesdag chairman Arjan van der Waaij. “We enjoyed this 29th edition and it was great to be able to organise a live event again. An auction with guests and a wonderful ambiance brings some extra charm for an auction like Foal Auction Prinsjesdag; this is even more motivation for the future,” Van der Waaij looks back and ahead.