Embryo insurance

An insurance policy has been developed especially for you, as a relation of the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, that is in line with your purchase during the auction.

What is insured?
This insurance pays out a one-off amount when there is a covered event, as summarized below. The cover starts from the moment of hammer blow and ends at the moment of weaning with a maximum term of 5 months calculated from birth.

Insured amount
The embryo is insured against hammer blow up to a maximum of E 30,000. It is of course always possible to insure the embryo for a lower amount than hammer blow.

What is covered?
Cover is available when the embryo/foal is rejected by the mare and when the foal is born dead or deformed. In addition, there is cover in the event of death or emergency slaughter when this is caused by an acute illness or accident.

What is not covered?
No compensation will be paid if one of the two foals is born dead or deformed or has died during the term of the insurance. If both foals die, a maximum of one foal will be paid out. In addition, there is no right to compensation in the event of a hereditary congenital defect. There is no cover for the mare/surrogate mother under any circumstances. If this is desired, you can contact us.

The premiums are calculated on the basis of fixed percentages that increase as the due date is further in the year. To calculate the correct premium, take the percentage of the month in which the embryo was implanted in accordance with the implantation statement from the vet.
February – 8.5%
March – 9.5%
April – 10.5%
May – 11.5%
June – 12.5%
July – 13.5%

Exceptions to acceptance/premium
If the mare/surrogate dam has had one or more lost foals or dead foals in the past three years, acceptance is only possible on request, whereby the premium may differ. If the mare/surrogate mother is older than 15 years, the premium is always available on request.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to give us a call! We are always available during office hours via 073-6419419† During the auction you can contact us for questions and/or further information 06-40396344.

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