Christmas Newsletter


Our beautiful Christmas model in this newsletter is none other than the KWPN approved Edinburgh (Vleut x Darco) now jumping at 1.60 level . A reference we are proud of!

This stallion was bred by the gentlemen Lindeboom and Meijer from Dalfsen out of the lines with which they already achieved so many successes. Granddam Firstlady is also the grandmother of Tyson (Numero Uno x Voltaire) with which Leon Thijssen achieved many successes. ‘Edinburgh was born not far from me and we were very keen on that strain as there are a lot of good sport horses coming out. Edinburgh stood out with a huge gallop, very explosive. In combination with a dam line like that, we couldn’t leave it. Although you could say that he could have been a little more mature,” said selector Fred van Straaten.

At the auction it was Jos Althuyzen who took the stallion home. Jos: “During the auction there was a so-called syndicate that was interested in the foal. They had determined to go no further than €25,000. I offered that €25,000 and since they didn’t have time to discuss raising the price, he came into my hands.”

The brown stallion grew up well and after approval at the KWPN, Jos and Trudi Houwen (where he is still available) became co-owners. Their son Kristian Houwen went on to become particularly successful with Edinburgh. They won the stallion competition twice and had several victories in the international Youngster Tour. Later, Edinburgh finished with Kristian in a stunning 5th place during the Sires of the World competition in Lanaken. Since the end of 2019, the talented stallion can be seen under the saddle of Maikel van der Vleuten and they seem to be a promising combination for the future!

We would like to thank Maikel and his girlfriend Rachelle for their help during this Christmas shoot! 

Website Jos en Trudi Houwen / Edinburgh

Going into 2021

The year 2020 is likely to keepin the memory of everyone. An ominous virus surfaced in the far east and though we initially thought we would be spared, that turned out to be an illusion in March. The country was closed because of Covid-19. This also had major consequences for the world of horses and Indoor Brabant was one of the first events to experience this firsthand.

Despite a considerable list of disadvantages, there appeared to be a small advantage for breeders… Top stallions were freshly available this season. In addition, mares were used for breeding which are active in the sport at a high level in the current life. We, as breeding enthusiasts, have great expectations for the 2021 vintage. Surely there should be special specimens in there?

For us it was uncertain whether the auction could go ahead in September. Given the circumstances, we wanted to continue to offer our customers (breeders and buyers) a platform. That’s why we organised two online auctions. We were so lucky that we could still have a real live auction after this! It was a beautiful, hot day with excellent results. What is possible in 2021 remains to be seen, of course.

In 2021 Cas van der Oord will be part of the selection committee dressage together with Lauw van Vliet. We are very happy with this and look very forward to this cooperation! On the other hand, it means saying goodbye to Jacques Verkerk. We are very grateful to him for the past year in which he has fulfilled his task with great dedication and passion.

In this special year we are grateful to our breeders and buyers for their trust. In 2021, we will continue on the route we have choosen to stay innovative, select only the best of the best and keep the power of performance as a starting point.

On behalf of the entire organization and board of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag I wish you a healthy 2021 with hopefully a lot of breeding success!

Arjan van der Waaij
Chairman Veulenveiling Prinsjesdag 

Our references in 2020 

The number of competitions in 2020 was significantly less than in 2019, due to the Covid-19 virus. Just think of wonderful events like Indoor Brabant, CSI Twente and Military Boekelo in our own country. Nevertheless, 59 of the horses auctioned by Foal Auction Prinsjesdag achieved a result in 2020 ranging from young horse competitions to results at 5 star level.

One of the youngest horses in the list is six-year-old Napoli PP Z (Numero Uno x Ahorn Z). Ridden by Dennis van den Brink, this mare achieved several great results in young horse categories. The oldest in the list was auctioned in 2000 and is now 20 years old! This MT Athos (Akribori x Donnerschlag) ran this year’s still successful GP dressage trials with his American rider Barbara Wendy Denton.

By postponing the Olympic Games there are a number of combinations that have to keep their good form going for a little longer. One is First Apple (Vivaldi x T.C.N. Partout) with Sarah Lockman. They won a Grand Prix in Wellington this year and look to be on their way to a team place for Tokyo 2021. One of those which might have it as an advantage that the Olympics are a year later is Gaesbekers Glamour Girl (Zirocco Blue x Caletto I). This impressive mare ridden by Henrik von Eckermann shows that her top is definitely not at 1.50 m and showed several good classifications this year. A combination to keep an eye on! Another candidat for the Olympics is Feeling Luckey (Bustique x Krunch de Breve, co-owned by Bert van Kooten) ridden by Karim el Zoghby. The chestnut already has the nickname Toyko, maybe that brings them good luck!

It’s not just the sport horses that advertise our auction. During the second and third viewing of the KWPN stallion inspection in Den Bosch there was one stallion that was not undiscussed: Defender Z (Dominator Z x Padinus). The beautiful black stallion stole many hearts with his performance and covered (especially for a young stallion) a considerable number of mares this year. We are proud that our selectors selected Defender as a foal, all the more so because his father Dominator Z was not so well known at the time.

2020 could just have been the year of Jameson RS2 (Blue Horse Zack x Negro). This impressive, approved stallion was selected with his rider Marieke van der Putten for the World Championship of young dressage horses. It would be the second time they represented our country at this event. Unfortunately, the World Cup, like so many events, was cancelled because of the Covid-19 measures.