Xcellent Horse Insurance offers security to our sellers

Over the years Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has not only built up a large network of buyers and breeders, but also entered into a successful alliance with a select group of business partners. Xcellent Horse Insurance has years of experience in the field of horse insurances. The partnership with Prinsjesdag has been around for a long time, but this year the organizations have tightened up the ties even further.

Tinus Krikke has been working as a consultant at Xcellent Horse Insurance since the beginning of this year: “The segment of foals that is sold at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag deserves a tailor-made product, and we specialize in that. This year we developed an exclusive product for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag in cooperation with insurance company ASR.”

The insurance covers death and accidents for all foals in the auction, without any risk for the owner. Every foal is insured from the photo video days up to two weeks after delivery at the new owner. Until the auction foals are covered for an amount of €10,000, after the auction this changers into the auctioned amount. “With this we offer the sellers a great deal of security. At Foal Auction Prinsjesdag foals are sold at high prices, the period between the auction and the transfer can be quite tense for sellers.”

Xcellent Horse Insurance offers insurance for every type of horse. Unique to the organization is that they can also provide insurance for horses in the exclusive segment. In this case XHI offers tailor-made solutions.