“When we are in the competition ring, she works extra hard for me.”

Rider: Zoë Kuintjes

1. What makes Brittsion so special to you?
“Brittsion is a very nice horse to ride. In the ring she works extra hard for me, she really tries. I do not have to do a lot myself. But at home in the training she is also very pleasant. “

2. For how long have you been a combination with Brittsion?
“I have been riding Brittsion for four months now, for Dik Kat from Primeval. Before that, she was started in the Small Tour by my trainer, Derk Schekkerman. I stable my horses with him and he asked me if I wanted to start her in the Juniors. I was already riding another, slightly less experienced horse, but with Brittsion I got a chance to ride amongst the best.”

3. What is Brittsion like in daily life?
“Brittje, that is what I call her, is very quiet and sweet in the stables. She is very cuddly and loves it when you groom her for hours on end or take her for a walk. We have a set ritual when I am going to ride her. First I groom her extensively, then I take her for a walk in hand and then I get on.”

4. What was your finest moment with Brittsion so far?
“The finest moment was when we were allowed to join the Dutch Junior team at the CDIO in Hagen, Germany, and winning the silver there! I am also proud that the national coach decided so soon to take us in the A-team. It all went very fast. I had only ridden a Nations Cup four times and had earned the three required scores already.”

5. What do you hope to achieve with Brittsion?
“I hope that we will score many more successes at international level and are allowed to go to next year’s European Championships. This year I was also in the race for the EC, but Brittsion sustained a minor injury just before the National Championship, causing her to take it easy for a bit. We are, of course, very careful with her.”

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