Foal Auction Prinsjesdag started 29 years ago with the objective to contribute to the marketing of foals. We are more ambitious than ever and our purpose is to create the best/most trend-setting auction for foals in Europe, attracting international buyers, with the best dressage and showjumping foals that will live up to our motto “the power of performance”.

We offer breeders an interesting platform for selling their quality foals. We offer our international buyers an exclusive collection of foals, which have performance strongly anchored in their genes, promises for the future in sport and breeding.

The power of performance also implies that we apply strict criteria when we compile our annual foal collection. Our selectors only accept foals from extremely successful mares lines crossed with stallions that excel in the international sport or have proved to pass on above average sport potential. But even more importantly, only from damlines in which the sport performance are powerfully present in the direct line, meaning dams and granddams that have proved to be able to perform at top-class level. And for top-class performances in the future a functional conformation and functional movements are indispensible.