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The very best genes from the brilliant Van ‘t Heike family

Valentina van ‘t Heike, Epleaser van ‘t Heike, Fair Light van ‘t Heike, Kassandra van ‘t Heike – these are only a few examples of fantastic showjumping horses from the direct family of this embryo. Combined with world number one Chacco Blue, this seems to be the beginning of a success story.

This embryo’s dam is Lollypop van ‘t Heike – a daughter of top sire Numero Uno, who adds the necessary sharpness and reflexes to the pedigree. Granddam Volympia van ‘t Heike jumped at international 1.50m-level ridden by Yves Vanderhasselt and is the dam of CSI5* 1.60m showjumper Fair Light van ‘t Heike. Ridden by Albert Zorzi, Fair Light van ‘t Heike won the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Berlin, the World Cup of Oslo, the Nations Cup of Rome and the Grand Prix competitions of both Eschweiler and Bonheiden. In addition, Volympia van ‘t Heike also produced Evian van ‘t Heike, who ridden by Brazil’s Fábio Sarti had great successes at Grand Prix and World Cup level. Great-granddam Golympia is in her turn the granddam of the Olympic mare Valentina van ‘t Heike ridden by Jos Lansink – the dam of top-class stallion Epleaser van ‘t Heike. The list of international showjumping horses from the direct damline of this embryo is almost endless.

With offspring such as Explosion W, Chacco Kid, Calisto Blue, Blue Movie, Chalou and many others, Chacco Blue has been among the world’s very best for many years. It is not without reason that he has been at the top of the WBFSH Sire Ranking for several years. The combination with the sharp Numero Uno and the legendary Darco seems an excellent match; just as Lugano van la Roche and Flugel van la Roche have been known as a ‘golden cross’ for decades.

1st dam – Lollypop van ’t Heike
2nd dam – Volympia van ’t Heike (1.50m, Yves Vanderhasselt BEL)
D – Fair Light van ‘t Heike (1.60m, Alberto Zorzi ITA & Edwina Tops-Alexander AUS)
D – Evian van ‘t Heike (1.60m, Fábio Sarti BRA)
D – Miracle van ’t Heike (1.40m, Jos Verlooy BEL & Sarah Johnstone CAN)
D – Kwasabi van ’t Heike (1.40m, Carly Anthony USA)
D – Magnum van ’t Heike (Z app, 1.30m, Stephanie Melodie Motter USA)
3rd dam – Golympia
D – Iron van ’t Heike (1.45m, Francesco Passarelli ITA)
D – Erlybet van ‘t Heike (1.40m, Alexandre Gadelha BRA)
D – Nelson (1.40m)
D – Maiby (1.30m)
D – Figor van ‘t Heike (1.30m)
GD – Valentina van ’t Heike (1.60m, Jos Lansink BEL)
GD – Dancer van ’t Heike (1.60m, Domenico Morosoli SUI)
GD – Apiola van ’t Heike (1.60m, Yves Vanderhasselt BEL)
GD – Islonzo van ’t Heike (1.60m, Severin Hillereau FRA & Guido Franchi ITA)
GD – Kassandra van ’t Heike (1.55m, Thiago Ribas da Costa BRA)
GD – Uster van ’t Heike (1.50m, Laura Lehner AUT)
GD – Watson (1.50m, Matteo Giunti ITA)
GD – Jazzi van ’t Heike (1.45m,Jessie Prpich CAN)
GD – Leonardo van ’t Heike (1.45m, Radovan Sillo SVK)
GD – Dulympio van ’t Heike (1.45m, Beatrice Grippo ITA)
GD – Gold Fever van ’t Heike (SBS app, 1.40m, Matthias Hens BEL)
GD – Kissable van ’t Heike (1.40m, Nick Vrins BEL)
GD – Mozart van ’t Heike (1.40m, Angel Niagolov BUL)
GD – Ice Princess van ’t Heike (1.40m, Pieter Kenis BEL)
GD – Tapiola van ’t Heike (1.40m)
GD – Bapiolo van ’t Heike (1.40m)
GD – Hisaura van ’t Heike (1.40m, Nuri Dijks NED)
GD – Grande Dame van ’t Heike (1.40m, Pascale Trenker BEL)
GD – Kung Fu van ’t Heike (1.35m, Amelia Milne GBR)
GD – Lima Fortuna (1.30m, Conor Cassidy IRL)
GD – Free Motion van ‘t Heike (1.30m, Angelika Stanek AUT)
GD – Lukaku van ’t Heike (1.30m, Manuela Amadini ITA)
GGD – Epleaser van ’t Heike (BWP app, 1.60m, Frank Schuttert NED & Christian Ahlmann GER)
GGD – Boomer van ‘t Heike (1.60m, Kiyomi Brauchli SUI)
GGD – Just Luck (1.55m, Fabrice Galdini BEL)
GGD – Ivanhoe (1.45m, Odile Gierech BEL)
GGD – Ishia of Heritage (1.40m, Marina Frutuoso de Melo POR)
GGD – Any-Luck Z (1.35m, Logan Leemans BEL)
GGD – Lancelot van ’t Heike (1.35m)
GGD – Narcotique Tachor (1.30m, Julia Pieta POL)
GGD – Celina Z (1.30m)
GGD – Nice Prince van ‘t Heike (1.30m)
GGD – Lincoln van ’t Heike (1.30m)
GGD – Pippa van ’t Heike (1.30m, Björn Vandenbossche BEL)
Direct damline: Little Magic (1.60m, Henrik von Eckermann SWE), Edelbert (1.60m, Dirk Demeersman BEL), Jappaloe (1.60m, Annick Bijloos BEL), Jacintha van het Kriekenhof (1.55m, Mark McAuley IRL)

Important information:
Expected birth date: 25 April 2021
Sold with VAT: Yes
VAT percentage: 9%
Location: Belgium

Embryo in: Surrogate mare
Location mare: After the payment of the invoice the surrogate mare will be delivered at the buyers place (adress must be in the Netherlands)
Costs: Surrogate mare will be sold for € 2.500,- and then belongs to the buyer

Insurance: Insurance is not obligated, but Foal Auction Prinsjesdag strongly advises to insure the embryo. If desired you can inform us. Hippo Horse Insurance will contact you afterwards.

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