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A Roosakker with all the ingredients

In this embryo the excellent breeding sire Carrera VDL is combined with the world-famous Van ‘t Roosakker family. Dam Tounusha Key SR Z is a daughter of top sire Toulon out of the Elvis ter Putte daughter Nusha van de Bisschop.

The great-grandam of this embryo is the well-known Evita van ‘t Roosakker – dam of, amongst others, Grand Prix showjumping horses Isaac van de Bisschop, Luigi van de Bisschop and Jackson van de Bisschop. In addition, Evita van ‘t Roosakker is the (half)sister of Cella (Ben Maher), George Z (Michael Hughes), Babbe van ‘t Roosakker (Michel Hecart), Equador van ‘t Roosakker (Kevin Staut) and Emperio van ‘t Roosakker (Zuzanna Gowin); all direct offspring of the legendary Usha van ‘t Roosakker. This family has been among world’s best sport damlines for years with successful horses like Kaprice van ‘t Roosakker (Kent Farrington), Erco van ‘t Roosakker (Lorenzo de Luca), Electra van ‘t Roosakker (Jos Lansink), et cetera.

Carrera VDL himself jumped at Grand Prix-level with Jur Vrieling and impressed with his excellent reflexes and technique. This Cardento-son out of the half-sister of the jumping phenomenon Tinka’s Boy left his mark in breeding with international performing offspring and several approved sons. Toulon, Elvis ter Putte, Nabab de Rêve and Chin Chin have all made their mark in breeding as well.

1st dam – Tounusha Key SR Z
2nd dam – Nusha van de Bisschop
3rd dam – Evita van ’t Roosakker
D – Isaac van de Bisschop (1.60m, Hansueli Sprunger SUI)
D – Luigi van de Bisschop (1.55m, Matt Archer USA)
D – Jackson van de Bisschop (1.55m, Michael Hughes USA & Ingrid Gjelsten NOR)
D – Josephine van de Bisschop (1.45m, Jacob Wells AUS & Roberto Previtali ITA)
D – Melvin van de Bisschop (1.45m, Tim Wilks CAN)
D – Kwinto van de Bisschop (1.40m, Giavanni Rinaldi USA & Audrey Schulze)
D – Levita van de Bisschop (1.40m, Frédéric David FRA)
D – Mevita van de Bisschop (1.40m, Arnaud Gaublomme BEL)
D – Ovita van de Bisschop (1.35m, Jennifer Meylan SUI)
D – Otto van de Bisschop (1.30m, Christoffer Lindenberg DEN)
D – Opaline van de Bisschop (1.30m)
D – Merlijn van de Bisschop (AES app)
D – Rex van de Bisschop (AES app)
GD – Mowgli van de Bisschop (1.45m, Agustin Covarrubias CHI)
GD – Oline van de Bisschop (1.35m, Camille Demolie BEL)
GD – Mandy van de Bisschop (1.30m)
GD – Obus van de Bisschop (BWP app)
GGD – Cello van de Bisschop (BWP app)
Direct damline: Usha van ’t Roosakker (1.60m, Marlon Zanotelli BRA & Gilbert De Roock BEL), Cella (Individual Silver & Team Gold EC Herning 2013, 1.60m, Ben Maher GBR), Kaprice van ’t Roosakker (1.60m, Kent Farrington USA), Emperio van ’t Roosakker (1.60m, Zuzanna Gowin POL & Emanuele Camilli ITA), Equador van ’t Roosakker (1.60m, Frédéric David FRA & Kevin Staut FRA), Erco van ’t Roosakker (BWP app, 1.60m, Daniel Deusser GER & Lorenzo de Luca ITA), Dulhan de la Roque (1.60m, Reynald Angot FRA & Victor Bettendorf LUX), Giorgio van ‘t Hagenhof (1.60m, Caitlin Creel USA), Babbe van ’t Roosakker (1.60m, Michel Hecart FRA & Cara Raether USA), L’Esprit Hero Z (1.60m, Dermott Lennon IRL), Jivaro Imperio Egipcio (1.60m, Charlotte Bettendorf LUX & Francisco José Mesquita Musa BRA), Kheros van ‘t Hoogeinde (1.60m, Luis Ferreira POR), Electra van ’t Roosakker (1.60m, Jos Lansink BEL & Janika Sprunger SUI), Harkito van den Berg (1.60m, Jessica Geurts BEL), Mufasa (1.60m, Emilie Conter BEL), Falco van ’t Roosakker (1.60m, Jérôme Guery BEL & Stefano Brecciaroli ITA), Happy Wandor van ’t Roosakker (AES app, 1.60m, Carlos Ramirez COL), Isaac van de Bisschop (1.60m, Hansueli Sprunger SUI & Dominik Wiesner ALB), Elias (1.60m, Tressy Muhr ISR & Piergiorgio Bucci ITA), Bingo (1.60m, Victoria Birdsall USA), jTinkoucha Hero Z (1.55m, Leonie Peeters BEL), Athena (1.55m, Vincent Voorn NED & Beau Graatsma NED), Fabio van ’t Roosakker (1.55m, Melissa Vanzani ITA), Jackson van de Bisschop (1.55m, Michael Hughes USA & Ingrid Gjelsten NOR), Geena (1.55m, Janika Sprunger SUI & Hans-Dieter Dreher GER), Gatoucha van ’t Roosakker (1.50m, Michael Korompis NED), Handor van ’t Roosakker (1.50m, Jérôme Guery BEL), Tokio van de Withoeve (1.50m), Horpleasure van ’t Roosakker (1.50m, Manon Hebette ALG), Kipling van ’t Hagenhof (1.50m, Francisco Rocha POR), Alana Hero Z (1.50m, Melanie Gelin BEL)

Important information:
Expected birth date: 20 June 2021
Sold with VAT: Yes
VAT percentage: 9%
Location: The Netherlands

Embryo in: Biological dam
Location mare: Mare will stay with the seller, weaned foal will go to the buyer
Costs: no extra costs for the mare,
No costs will be charged for the stay of the foal until weaning. Costs for the vet will be calculated in consultation with the buyer.

Insurance: Insurance is not obligated, but Foal Auction Prinsjesdag strongly advises to insure the embryo. If desired you can inform us. Hippo Horse Insurance will contact you afterwards.

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