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Balou du Reventon & sister of Emerald, Nixon, Ilusionata & Diamanthina

With the combination Balou du Reventon and Quattro Stagioni van ‘t Meulenhof, two of world’s best damlines have been brought together in this embryo. Cornet Obolensky son Balou du Reventon is bred out of Gestüt Lewitz’s famous mare Georgia – also the dam of Balou du Rouet. Quattro Stagioni van ‘t Meulenhof is a direct daughter of top mare Carthina Z.

The Carthago daughter Carthina Z produced, among others, the top sire Emerald, who ridden by Harrie Smolders was one of world’s best showjumpers for many years. In addition, Carthina Z produced numerous international showjumpers, including the international winners Ilusionata and Diamanthina van ‘t Ruytershof and the extremely talented approved stallion Nixon van ‘t Meulenhof – the full brother of Quattro Stagioni van ‘t Meulenhof. Successful Grand Prix stallions like Jilbert van ‘t Ruytershof, Herald van ‘t Ruytershof, Le Blue Diamond van ‘t Ruytershof and Kentucky van ‘t Ruytershof also go back to the famous mare Carthina Z.

This embryo’s sire Balou du Reventon has been jumping successfully at the highest level for years; first ridden by Russia’s Liubov Kochetova, then with Darragh Kenny and nowadays with Brian Moggre. With Irish rider Darragh Kenny, Balou du Reventon won the Global Champions Tour of Chantilly, the Grand Prix of Knokke and was runner-up in the Super Grand Prix of Prague. Balou du Reventon’s dam Georgia also produced the foundation sire Balou du Rouet and the Grand Prix showjumpers Chatinue and Balissimo.

1st dam – Quattro Stagioni van ‘t Meulenhof
2nd dam – Carthina Z (1.45m)
D – Emerald (SF, KWPN, BWP, SWB, Holst, Old app, 1.60m, Harrie Smolders NED)
D – Diamanthina van ‘t Ruytershof (1.60m, Constant Van Paesschen BEL)
D – Ilusionata van ’t Meulenhof (1.60m, Niels Bruynseels BEL)
D – Fragile van ‘t Meulenhof (1.50m, Lidija Grum SLO)
D – L’Innocence van ’t Meulenhof (1.50m, Jeroen De Winter BEL)
D – Gucci van ’t Meulenhof (1.45m, Andrea Guzzo Muniz Ferreira BRA)
D – Nixon van ’t Meulenhof (BWP app, 1.50m, Harrie Smolders NED)
GD – Herald van ’t Ruytershof (AES app, 1.60m, Jos Verlooy BEL & Raleigh Hiler USA)
GD – Kentucky van ‘t Ruytershof (BWP app, 1.55m, Ivo Biessen NED)
GD – Le Blue Diamond van ’t Ruytershof (BWP app, 1.55m, Olivier Philippaerts BEL)
GD – Je T’Adore van ‘t Ruytershof (BWP app, 1.45m, Manon Fernandes FRA)
GD – Deviline Z (1.45m, Ivana Hronova CZE)
GD – L’Esmeralda van ’t Meulenhof (1.45m, Koen Vereecke BEL)
GD – Inathina van ’t Ruytershof (1.40m, Jos Verlooy BEL)
GD – Brillianthina van ’t Ruytershof (1.40m, Elise Van den Branden BEL)
GD – Miracle van ’t Meulenhof (1.30m)
GD – Olympus A.P. (BWP app)
GGD – Jilbert van ‘t Ruytershof (BWP app, 1.60m, Constant Van Paesschen BEL & Alexander Housen BEL)
GGD – Missouris van ‘t Ruytershof (BWP app, 1.45m, Pilar Lucrecia Cordon ESP)
GGD – Lieberthina van ‘t Ruytershof (1.40m, Dimme D’Haese BEL)
GGD – Messi van ‘t Ruytershof (1.40m, Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann GER)
GGD – Night Light van ‘t Ruytershof (1.40m, Philippe Rozier FRA)
GGD – Next Twist van ’t Ruytershof (1.40m, Francesco Turturiello ITA)
GGD – Nerbi van ’t Ruytershof (1.35m, Jan Van Alken BEL)
GGD – Mc Gyver van ‘t Ruytershof (1.35m, Niki Geenens BEL)
GGD – Mercy van ‘t Ruytershof (SBS app, 1.35m, Frederico Vellutini De Moraes BRA)
GGD – Lightningthina van ‘t Ruytershof (1.40m, Frédéric Marien BEL)
GGD – Nina van ‘t Ruytershof (1.40m, Brent De Smit BEL)
GGD – Loreen van ‘t Ruytershof (1.30m)
GGD – Luna van ’t Ruytershof (1.30m)
GGD – Pegasus van ‘t Ruytershof (AES app)
GGD – Pegase van ‘t Ruytershof (BWP app)
3rd dam – Tanagra S van het Darohof
D – Diamanty di Magico Z (1.50m, Stella Trümpi SUI & Marie Louise Riisgaard Kemp DEN)
D – Licardo di Magico (1.40m, Jens Nijs BEL)
D – Kitona di Magico (1.40m, Jan Claeys BEL)
D – Kitona di Magico (1.30m)
GD – Call Me PS Z (1.40m, Serena Curcio ITA)
Direct damline: Empire van ’t Ruytershof (1.60m, Pedro Luz Lacerda BRA), Cupido van de Hoefslag Z (AES app, 1.60m, Ruben Romp NED & Luca Ruxandariu ROU), Bacara de la Ferme Blanche (1.60m, Anna Kellnerova CZE), Jackson de Regor (BWP app, 1.60m, Abdel Saïd EGY & Nicole Walker CAN), Top Gun (1.60m, Peter Postelmans BEL), Peter van Spalbeek Z (1.60m), Nustria van Meijershoeve (1.60m, Peter Charles GBR), Itcho van ‘t Ruytershof (1.55m, Teddy van de Rijt NED)

Important information:
Expected birth date: 4 April 2021
Sold with VAT: Yes
VAT percentage: 9%
Location: The Netherlands

Embryo in: Surrogate mare
Location mare: After the payment of the invoice the surrogate mare will be delivered at the buyers place (adress must be in the Netherlands)
Costs: Deposit of the surrogate mare is ‎€ 2.500,- , which will be reimbursed when the foal is weaned and the surrogate mare is returned to the vendor in good health

Insurance: Insurance is not obligated, but Foal Auction Prinsjesdag strongly advises to insure the embryo. If desired you can inform us. Hippo Horse Insurance will contact you afterwards.

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