Veterinary reports dressage foals


All selected foals have been clinically examined 3 times at three different locations.

  1. The first veterinary examination is done by the vet of the breeder. This vet has filled out the report.
  2. At the photo- videoday the foals are checked by the present vet. Any remarks will be added to the report.
  3. On the day of the auction. The present vet will check all foals before the presentation. In case of any remarks they will be added to the veterinary report.

All reports can be viewed at the secretariat of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. The vet reports will be on the website before the auction. Most veterinary reports are in Dutch, therefore Click Here for the English version of the Veterinary Report. For more information please contact us.


cat nr sex name sire dam dam’s sire
1 hengst Once and for All All at Once Saigon Jazz
2 merrie Ostara ES Belantis Racy Tracy Blue Hors Bentley
3 hengst Othello CC Daily Diamond Joint Venture CC Charmeur
4 hengst O’Dailysion Daily Diamond Hinvasion Connaisseur
5 merrie Ophilia Daily Diamond Jewel First Promise
6 merrie O-Dearginia SQBS Daily Diamond Dear Ginia SQBS Uphill
7 merrie Olympia Timeless Desperado Ho Timeless Good R.E. Fürst Romancier
8 hengst O’Neil T Desperados Felicitie L Vivaldi
9 merrie O-Kyante van de Stokhorst Easy Game Kyante van de stokhorst Governor
10 merrie Oliza Grandia Elton Iliza’s Grandia Negro
11 merrie Olivia SMH-PP Escamillo Fleur Fürst Heinrich
12 merrie Orina D Escolar Jorina D Vivaldi
13 hengst Oscarpine Ferdeaux Escarpine van Kairos Jazz
14 hengst Ocean Ferdinand Donna De Niro
15 merrie Oianthi van Geloë Fontaine TN Cyon Al Riccio
16 merrie Femona LC Fontaine TN Vemona v/d C Vitalis
17 hengst Ó’Roark For Ferrero Havanta Fürst Romancier
18 merrie Onmyown EMBE For Ferrero Flower Power Fürstenball
19 hengst Online D For Romance Urmante Jazz
20 hengst O Romance For Romance Dalucy Metall
21 hengst Orion Fürst Jazz Jinosa Everdale
22 merrie Orange-Cara Fürst Jazz Lycara Londonderry
23 merrie Talented Girl van de Celiebrug Fürstenball Exclusive Girl Painted Black
24 merrie O Look at Me Glock’s Toto Jr. Haily Daula Charmeur
25 merrie Op-en-top Norene S Glock’s Toto Jr. Jaya Norene S Ferdeaux
26 merrie Ovarieta Texel Glock’s Toto Jr. Zeorieta Texel Ferro
27 merrie Ojarieta Texel Glock’s Toto Jr. Jyarieta Texel Florencio I
28 merrie Olani MVH Glock’s Toto Jr. Kalani SW Grand Galaxy Win
29 hengst Onedin Glock’s Toto Jr. Iresia Metall
30 hengst Oberon B Glock’s Toto Jr. Reine B Rubinstein I
31 hengst Origineel Texel Governor Iyorieta Texel Blue Hors Don Schufro
32 merrie Only You SG Governor Halione Johnson
33 hengst Onedin VE Governor Florence Negro
34 merrie Orelia Governor Schöne Stedinger
35 hengst Optimus Prime Hennesy For me For Romance
36 merrie Oasis SG Iconic Flitz Zambuka
37 hengst Oliviero-B Imposantos Amber Hivette Goodtimes
38 merrie Opportunity HH In Style Utopia Havidoff
39 hengst Ovidius In Style Beauty Star Johnson
40 hengst On the Rock Indian Rock Cavinia-S Westpoint
41 hengst On-Top Indoctro van de Steenblok Kaylee Electron
42 hengst Olympus Just Wimphof Wirenda Rousseau
43 hengst Ooh-Zo Just Wimphof Express-Zo Zizi Top
44 hengst Orion Kassion Deftige Dame Manno
45 merrie Olginia Kingston Hirginia Bretton Woods
46 merrie Ochanthia BH Kingston Forsytha BH Sir Donnerhall
47 merrie Fürstin Modena Marc Cain Fürstin Delanna Dancing Hit
48 merrie Odelya SG Painted Black Odette Chronos
49 hengst Omillio Painted Black Ostara Inspekteur
50 merrie Orinia Quaterhit Cirginia Florencio I
51 hengst Origi BM Secret Fyanda BM Sorento
52 merrie Odonna-Utopia Secret Donna-Utopia Westpoint
53 merrie Ocerole LC Sezuan Garole Vivaldi
54 hengst One-off Spring SSS Totilas Hot Spring SSS Charmeur
55 hengst Osiris Totilas Wieni Flemmingh
56 hengst Onassis Totilas Esperanzar Jazz
57 merrie Orieta W Totilas Zyorieta Texel Krack C
58 hengst Vie Romancée Vitalis Gorava Ferro
59 merrie Olympia G Vivaldi Jade G Negro
60 merrie Omaha Beach Texel Glock’s Toto Jr. Gilithyia Texel Apache