Two foals for charity at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

Social involvement is highly valued at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. That is why this auction has supported charities for many years. This year an interesting foal will be auctioned on both auction days, half of the proceeds going to an important goal. On the day of the jumping foals that is Support Casper, and on the second day Villa Pardoes is supported.

Support Casper

On Tuesday, September 17, the striking piebald colt Torro van den Bisschop (by El Barone 111, cat. no. 65) is auctioned for charity. Breeders Tom and Ines de Craene immediately had a good feeling about it. “We did not have to think about it for long, because we are happy to support this charity.” Fifty percent of the proceeds from the bay pied go to the Support Casper campaign of the foundation surviving with pancreatic cancer. This organization is committed to fighting pancreatic cancer, the second most deadly form of cancer in our country. The aim is to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer and at the same time to raise structural money to enable much needed research into new, innovative treatment methods. “Torro van den Bisschop’s father El Barone 111 is an outstanding stallion and in addition, this special foal represents a good line. With this, the buyer not only helps the charity, but he also gets a promising foal.” concludes the Belgian top breeder.

Villa Pardoes

Dressage breeder Wim van der Linde also decided to auction one of his best foals for charity. Half of the proceeds from this foal, the well-moving Glock’s Toto Jr. son Omaha Beach Texel 60, are also donated to a charity, namely Villa Pardoes. “You can already see it in the video, this is really a very special foal. He also comes from a line that contains a lot of sport.” The very successful breeder is happy to contribute to a good cause. “Of course I immersed myself in it. Villa Pardoes helps children between the ages of four and twelve, and I have five grandchildren of that age. Fortunately they are all healthy, but recently one of them had to go to the hospital to get his ears punctured. Even though that is a relatively easy procedure, I slept badly from it! I didn’t have that with my own children, I am more concerned about the grandchildren. Everyone knows; a sick child is really a disaster. I am always happy when they make noise, then it’s good again! ”

Villa Pardoes is an initiative of the foundation Natuurpark De Efteling. The organization offers an unforgettable free vacation for families with a serious, potentially life-threatening sick child. These are children who would love to think of something else for a while other than their illness. Villa Pardoes consists of twelve holiday homes and exists thanks to the efforts of a large number of volunteers, employees and sponsors.