“Then he showed his enormous potential. His trot was phenomenal, we were stunned by his performance!”

Buyers and owners RS2 Dressage

(represented by: Saskia and Jacques Lemmens, Robin van Lierop and Seth Boschman)

1. Why did Jameson (an embryo at the time) appeal to you at the auction?
“We had meant to visit the Prinsjesdag Auction as a fun outing and just wanted to look at a foal by Sir Donnerhall. Just before the break, we saw Jamesons’ dam Atilinda move around in the ring and we were very taken by her. She had already attracted our attention as a 3-yr-old at the National Mare Selections and I (Robin van Lierop) later competed against her once or twice in the Small Tour. In the end, we did not buy the Sir Donnerhall foal we had come for, but instead the embryo from Atilinda and the filly Iveniz Texel (by Negro).”

2. Was the bidding exciting at the time?
“Auctions are always exciting. Nowadays more embryos are auctioned, but at the time it was still a novel thing and we did not really know how it worked. After fifty days of gestation we received the host mare with Jameson in her belly, that was all part of the deal.”

3. What was Jameson like as a colt?
“Jameson was a very energetic and frolicking colt. He grazed together with his dam and a few other mares with foal at foot. He was the only colt and immediately showed the others that he was the ‘lord of the manor’. Once we brought him from the field into the indoor arena he showed a lot of potential with an upward carriage. In the field, he would just play and run”.

4. When did you see that he was a top-class horse?
He had not been all that remarkable during rearing. As a 1½-yr-old he was still an ugly duckling with a long neck. True, he was long-legged and long-lined. When he was a 2½-yr-old we brought him in and lunged him on his head collar. There he showed enormous potential. What a phenomenal trot! We stood there stunned by his performance.

5. Did Jameson live up to our expectations?
“Definitely. More than that! Besides the fact that he earned the champion’s title, we always think, when we see him go round in the ring: wow, what phenomenal movements! In addition, he has an amazing character. We did not only have the champion of the Stallion Selections but also the champion of the Mare Selections, Iveniz Texel (Negro x Krack C), which we had also bought at the Prinsjesdag Auction, so we had a fantastic year.”

6. How is he doing in his training and what are the plans for the future with Jameson?

“We are hoping that Jameson will be able to take the performance test this autumn and pass it with good results. He is now being ridden three times a week by Marieke van der Putten and he runs free in the paddock every day.”

7. Would you advise people to buy a foal at Prinsjesdag Foal Auction?
Of course, you can always buy a 3-yr-old and then you need not worry with the rearing phase. But by that time, horses like these are either no longer for sale or are terribly expensive. So, yes, we would certainly advise people to buy a foal at the auction. We have always been very lucky with the foals we bought at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. Besides Jameson, we are successful with Iveniz Texel (Negro x Krack C), which was last year’s champion of the National Mare Selections and we are currently preparing mare Junette (De Niro x Gribaldi) which we bought in 2014, for the same Mare Selections.”

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