“Every day it is a joy to ride Boston”

Rider: Denise Nekeman

1. What makes Boston so special to you?
“Boston is always in a good mood, he always wants to work and is the sweetest horse in the stables. He is my buddy! Whenever I go on holiday, I miss him and often call home to ask how he is doing. Boston will always do his best for you. At the EC in Vidauban it was 42ºC and everyone was puffing and blowing, but Boston was not bothered and danced in elevated trot back to his stable. He is a real family horse. Our entire family enjoys coming out to competitions and other outings with him.

2. How is Boston in his day to day handling?
“Bostie (his pet name) is always cheerful, in fact, he is a real clown. He loves to get attention. In his stable he shows off with his tongue, sticks it out, folds it double, he makes a whole circus act of it. Everyone loves to work with him. When I go on holiday, he will sometimes stay with Hans Peter Minderhoud. His stable staff also loves him, because he is so easy-going and funny. At shows, Boston knows that he is in the centre of attention and he loves that so much that he can get excited. But at home Bostie is such a goodie. Whenever the weather permits it, he spends time in the field or paddock, he really loves that.”

3. Do you have any rituals?
“Before I ride him, I always currycomb him and he loves it so much that he almost gets angry when I stop. I always give him a sweet before riding. If he does not get this treat, he will stamp his foot. He knows precisely where I keep the sweets and how to persuade everyone to get him one.”

4. What has been your finest moment so far with Boston?
“Every day it is a joy to ride him! Thanks to him I have been Dutch champion several times, I ride ECs and am allowed to start in big competitions, such as Indoor Brabant, Jumping Amsterdam and Outdoor Gelderland. I also really enjoy the weekly training with Hans Peter Minderhoud. I love riding in competitions, because Boston enjoys it so much. He always does his best for me. Boston has great charisma, when I enter the ring, you can feel him draw the attention of the crowd. I would not want to swop him for any other horse. Boston really is the horse of my dreams!”

5. What do you hope to achieve with Boston?
“I hope that we will win this year’s European Championships Grand Prix U25 and are allowed to start in Aachen. After that, I hope that we will do well in the senior Grand Prix. But the most important thing is that he stays healthy and sound so that I can keep riding him for a very long time to come.“

6. Why would you advise people to buy a foal at the Prinsjesdag Auction?
“I visit the auction every year. It is a great place to buy really good foals. They have handle the selection process for you already and there is a lot of material for comparison. It is great to help a foal develop into a fine riding horse.”

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