Standing out by vision and experience

For many breeders, foal auctions are the best way to sell their breeding products. Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has proven to be an excellent bridge between buyers and sellers of foals in the higher quality segment for more than 25 years. More than once, the strict selection applied appears to be the key to success.

The list of successful references continues to expand, and this has several causes. Thanks to the trust that Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has built up in recent decades, the selection committees are given the opportunity to select the very best foals. And a satisfied buyer often turns out to be a returning buyer, and this is how Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has built up a strong international sales network.


“When selecting the dressage foals, we really pay attention to the attractiveness. We immediately want to get the ‘wow feeling’ when the foal comes out of the stable. That we see a foal with appearance and attitude. Then we pay attention to the correctness and conformation. As soon as the foal starts to move, we want that first impression to be confirmed. We like to see a foal that immediately shows what you can expect from a good dressage horse”, explains selector Jacques Verkerk. “We pay attention to the technique in movement, self-carriage, elasticity and posture. Because if they have that naturally, it gives a guarantee for the future. The pedigree is supportive in this. We have selected quite a few fillies for the July auction and it is very valuable that they all come from good damline, so that they are also interesting for breeding. But a very well-bred foal that does not convince us when he/she moves, will not be included in the collection at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.”

Pedigree and presentation

When it comes to the jumping foals, the focus is more on the pedigree. But only athletic, correct and good cantering foals come through the selection. “Buying a good foal is quite often an investment, so we like it to be worth that investment. Today’s top horses are often only available as foals,” explains selector Fred van Straaten. “Since we have focused even more on performances in the damlines, the successful references of our auction have really increased. But we also visit breeders who have foals with an absolute top pedigree, but that does not guarantee a quality foal. As a result, we regularly have to disappoint those breeders because we only want to sell foals that meet all our requirements. We have arrived in an era where you can get very excited about all pedigrees on your computer, but we also want the buyers to be able to really trust us when it comes to purchasing a good and correct foal. Especially with these online auctions. Only in this way we can continue to distinguish ourselves for the next 25 years in this world filled with auctions,” says Fred van Straaten.