“Sometimes you get very lucky, there are not many horses like this one”

Buyers/owners: Lens en Berna Nekeman

1. Why did Boston appeal to you at the auction at the time?
“It was pure emotion! We immediately noticed him in the first presentation, then we visited him in his stable and we thought: this is one we want to see growing into a star! During the auction he continued to show fantastic movements, even during the bidding! It was really exciting, but we simply wanted him, so we kept on bidding until we had him.”

2. What was Boston’s training like?
“As a 2½-yr-old Boston came home again from his rearing period and my daughter Denise trained him together with our regular rider. She rode the Pavo-cup with Boston when he was a 4-yr-old. How impressive he already was at the time! We were invited to the WC for Young Horses. Denise had school exams so we asked Hans Peter Minderhoud to ride him. He showed himself superbly at the WC for Young Horses, he “piaffed” out of the ring and the public climbed on the chairs to applaud him. That was a very special moment. Hans Peter rode him in the WC for 5- and for 6-yr-olds and then Denise took over again. Within one and a half years’ time they had earned the team silver in the EC Young Riders and all the other successes followed swiftly. They are still training with Hans Peter every week and have become Dutch champions in the Grand Prix U25 in Ermelo.”

3. Did Boston live up to expectation?
“We are very pleased with the development and performance of Boston so far. He is, however, still actively developing and our expectations of him have become much higher. He gives a lot of confidence. Compared to his value today, Boston has been well worth every penny as a foal!”

4. What was your finest moment with Boston?
“It is always beautiful with Boston! Sometimes you get very lucky and we were and are with Boston. There are not many horses like this one. The NCs, the ECs and the WCs were great, but the greatest thing about him is that he is never ill or off and has never got injured.”

5. Do you have a special bond with Boston?
“Every evening around 23.00 hours we do our evening round and Boston gets his last portion of food. He always wants our special attention then. And the emotion we felt at the auction, we still feel it every day. As soon as he enters the ring, you can see him think: where is the party? We still get goose-bumps every time we see Boston in the ring!”

6. What do other people say about Boston?
“We are not the only ones getting goose-bumps. Hij is a remarkable eye-catcher. You often hear the “oooh”s and “aaah”s from the stands when he is going round. We like to see our own emotions reflected by other people who see Boston in action.”

7. Why would you advise people to buy a foal at Prinsjesdag Foal Auction?
“First of all, we like to have the whole development and training of a horses in our own hands from the time they are foals. Besides, the best horses have become too expensive by the time they are 3- or 4-yr-olds. Finding good foals yourself is far from easy; after all, everyone is looking for the best. At the Prinsjesdag Foal Auction the pre-selection of the foals on the basis of health and ability has already been made for us. Naturally you can always encounter some bad luck in the development of a horse, but that is your own bad luck.

When you buy older horses, the seller can omit to mention certain problems or fool you some other way. This way, we avoid all those problems. And you can also buy horses at the auction when you have a limited budget, which later may still turn into champions. Look at the champion of the stallion selection of 2011 Diebrecht (by Zizi Top), which was bought at an auction for 7,500 euro. We bought our very first foal in 2004 at the Prinsjesdag Auction. This was the Samba Hit daughter Zamba Dream.

By now we have already bought seven elite-awarded mares via foal auctions and we have bred some 50 foals ourselves, but now and then we still buy some at the auction to keep the numbers in balance. Besides, an auction is always a feast! It is just that sometimes we can only barely keep our hands in check”.

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