“The bidding kept going on and on. I had never seen anything like that before!”

Breeder: Jan Temmink

1. What was Boston like as a foal and what was his dam like?
“Boston was a splendid foal from the start. He easily came up to you and he had amazing movements. He was the firstborn from my mare Volmie, an easy mare with a good character and very powerful hindquarters. Sire Johnson has the same characteristics, that is why I chose him. Dam Volmie, same as Boston, could do a piaffe even in her head collar. Unfortunately she died of a colic last year as a 14-yr-old. She had surgery but did not make it. After Boston she produced five other offspring by Johnson, a filly by Concorde and a filly by Spielberg. B. Elmie, the full sister of Volmie, will be covered by Johnson this year.“

2. When did you notice that Boston was exceptional?
“At the offspring viewing of Johnson everyone was very enthusiastic about Boston and he was the best by far. Five years later at the WC for Young Horses in Verden he ‘piaffed’ out of the ring under Hans Peter Minderhoud. Right then and there I was certain that he would become a top-class horse. He finished fourth at the time, but had deserved better.”

3. How do you feel about the Prinsjesdag Foal Auction at the time?
“It was a very exciting auction, the bidding went on and on. I had never seen anything like that before. I knew that there were many interested buyers, for I had already been offered good money at home. But I had not accepted, because I find that when you have entered for an auction, you should live up to it.”

4. Would you advise other breeders to sell their foals via the Prinsjesdag Foal Auction ?
“I myself entered Boston for the foal auction at the time. Everything was well arranged, including the financial settlement. I am very pleased with the Prinsjesdag Foal Auction. Besides Boston, I had eight other foals auctioned. Tosca Visser, for example, bought the full sister of Boston, the ster-awarded G.Emelie, now a 6-yr-old, at the Prinsjesdag Foal Auction and also the full brother of Volmie, Avant (by Quattro, 2nd view. KWPN) was auctioned here.”

5. Do you follow Boston closely?
“You bet! We went to the WC for Young Horses in Verden both years. We also went to the NC for Young Riders in Ermelo last year. This year we had other engagements, but we followed the performances via the internet. We regularly have contact with the Nekeman family. They invited us to the international show in Drachten. We visited Boston in his stable there. Boston is an exceptional horse. He is so active and impressive in the ring, but a sweet and quiet horse in his stable. His dam was the same: very active, but totally reliable and sweet to handle. I am  very proud of having bred this exceptional horse!”

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