Selection committee



Fred van Straaten

Fred van Straaten, Den Ham

Fred van Straaten from Den Ham, member of the selection committee of the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag since 2006 and breeder of numerous (inter) national jumpers and approved stallions.

– Why are you involved with Foal Auction Prinsjesdag?

“Selecting the foals is particularly interesting. The motto of Prinsjesdag is that performance is of paramount importance and that we are not bound by a studbook. Seeing so many foals makes us wiser as well. You get a lot of information during the search for the better foals, about certain mare lines but also about the breeding power of stallions.”

– What is your connection to breeding?

“In our own breeding we use the same motto: performance is very important. That is why my role as a selector is also a nice mix. The moment you are judging, I ask myself: would I want this foal myself or not? The bar must be high. Our breeding goes back to the late sixties. The line my father used to breed was old-fashioned in my experience. We traveled a lot to get more modern mares here and there, but the mare line with which my father started, with the Gelderse mare Isabelle (v. Uron), turned out to be the most successful. Because our children release our breeding products in sport, we receive a lot of valuable information about our own breeding. If sport is also anchored on the mother’s side, attitude, health and sustainability are almost self-evident and the customer appreciates that with better prices. Breeders who have selected their mare line for generations, experience success. This is in contrast to the others who try to buy success, but have no idea of ​​interior. We as an auction are trying to work on a relationship with the exhibitors and in this way showcase their valuable material. Prinsjesdag is the platform for them!”

willem van hoof w

Willem van Hoof, Biest-Houtakker

In Biest-Houtakker in the North Brabant, about ten kilometers southeast of Tilburg, there is plenty of activity every day at Stal van Hoof. Horse owners from home and abroad know the way here to purchase new talent or to put their horses in training.

Willem van Hoof founded the versatile stable in 1999 and runs it together with his partner Yvonne Copal and their team. Preparing for testing, training and putting horses out in the IBOP, Pavo Cup and sport are among their specialties, as well as breeding, rearing young horses and trade.


lauw van Vliet

Lauw van Vliet, IJsselstein

With over thirty years of experience as a stallion owner and breeder, Lauw van Vliet is closely involved in breeding. His company Stal Van Vliet in IJsselstein in Utrecht focuses on both dressage and jumping stallions and the trade in young and sport horses is also an important industry. From 2019, Lauw is a selector on the selection committee for the dressage foals. Next foalseason, Lauw will set off to put together another top collection of dressage foals. “I was approached by chairman Arjan van der Waaij, who asked if it could be something for me. Every year, of course, I see a lot of foals and, just like Prinsjesdag Foal Auction, I am convinced that it is only about the very best. Then I don’t care who the breeder is, or which stallion the foal descends from. And although I am a stallion owner, I will definitely select with an independent view and I am looking forward to go on the road, ”says Lauw enthusiastically.“ It is a great challenge to participate in selecting the foals for one of the best auctions in the Netherlands. Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has an excellent reputation and I will dedicate myself for 200 percent to making my contribution to this. The bar is high and I love that!”

cas foto

Cas van der Oord, Schoorl

Family Van der Oord has had a strong bond with Foal Auction Prinsjesdag right from the start. “Back in the days, my father was already involved in setting up the auction. When we had a good foal at home, we would always go to Foal Auction Prinsjesdag first”, says Cas van der Oord. “When board members Co Out and Gerard Koks approached me for a position in the dressage selection committee, I considered this very carefully. Obviously I am still young, so it is quite a leap in the dark, but that also makes it a very interesting opportunity.”

Van der Oord represents a new generation and hopes to attract new people to the auction. “As a young breeder, you tap into a new group of breeders and through social media you try to stay up-to-date about what is being bred and where interesting foals are born. In addition, I hope that I have the favour in my current network to select interesting foals for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.”

As a selector, Van der Oord believes that you should not wait to see what will be offered. “Especially in this day and age, you have to be on top of things. I am already making contacts in order to be able to select interesting foals in the spring. I have also approached several large breeders in Germany to be able to bring new genes to the Netherlands. This is well received and many breeders would like to auction at Prinsjesdag.”