Saturday 3rd of August auction of jumpingfoals

13.00 hr. arrival foals and veterinarian inspection
18.00 hr. presentation foals
ca. 21.00 hr. auction (just before the winning round of the Final Medium Tour CSI3*)

Auction CSI Ommen

De Driehoekhoeve
Ondersloot 1a
7737 PD Stegeren (Ommen-Noord)

Tuesday the 17th of September auction of jumpingfoals

Wednesday the 18th of september auction of dressage foals

10.00 – 13.00 hr arrival foals and veterinarian inspection
14.30 hr presentation inside the National Hippisch Centrum
17.00 hr start auction

Auction Ermelo

Nationaal Hippisch Centrum
De Beek 125
3852 PL Ermelo

*subject to change