Via Prinsjesdag offers embryo’s as from August 2015. These embryo’s have the best gene material to be found in the world. They are by stallions that excel or have excelled in the international sport or have proved to pass on above average sport talents. But even more importantly, out of mares lines in which sport performance is powerfully anchored in the direct line. When you want to excel in the sport, you depend on breeding.

Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has been selling embryo’s for many years on the third Tuesday in September. In view of the super fast developments in breeding, Prinsjesdag offers a new platform for selling embryo’s in the form of Because embryo transplantation and ICSI are changing today’s breeding, there is a need for another form of outlet. Where a few years ago the occasional embryo was sold via the foal auction, in recent years the is a powerful growth of the offer of embryo’s in which the genes of proven sires and dams are crossed. Chairman Arjan van der Waaij is proud of the new auction site of Prinsjesdag: ‘The idea for came up during the last edition of the foal auction. We had seen the number of embryo’s to be auctioned steadily grow, as did the quality offered by the breeders. But we got the feeling that a live auction was not the best place for this commodity: there was nothing to be seen in the ring when an embryo was put up for auction, in fact, it almost affected the atmosphere of the auction. But we did notice that there was a lot of demand that influenced the prices accordingly. So what to do? We started looking at other sales possibilities and believed we saw a good opportunity. That is why we developed in the past few months. Considering the demand on the market, we realised that there is definitely a need for a platform like this.’

Prinsjesdag has been applying very strict criteria for many years when it composes the annual foal collection. ‘The Power of Performance’ is our device and it refers to sport genes in the direct dam’s line, proven of highly promising sires, development, a functional conformation and movements. For the embryo’s at the standards for sport genes are even higher. Only the best European top-class material is good enough. For such stiffly selected gene material there is a world-wide interest. The objective of is to connect this world-wide demand with the offer of top-class material from European breeders. Not just on the third Tuesday in September, but all year round.

Interested parties can register at this website. For more information: or call +31-(0)342440100.