Prinsjesdag Partner: Sport Horse Clinic Wolvega

Over the years Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has not only built up a large network of buyers and breeders, but also entered into a successful alliance with a select group of business partners. One of these partners is Sport Horse Clinic Wolvega. The clinic in the Frisian city of Wolvega focuses completely on the health of (sports) horses. We spoke to vet Marco de Bruijn about the company.

Marco de Bruijn is one of the clinic’s senior partners. He graduated in 1997 as a veterinarian in Ghent. He made internal diseases his specialty and is a Dutch and European certified internist. He has been working in Wolvega since 2004. Marco: “I care a lot for (very) young foals. At the University Veterinary Center Utrecht I was responsible for the so-called “foal brigade” for four years. In Wolvega, among other things, I am responsible for emergency care and hospitalized patients. ”

A total of fourteen (horse) veterinarians work in the clinic. Four of these are senior partners. De Bruijn: “Unique to our team is the way we treat each other. There is a very good atmosphere in practice. We do not have a strict hierarchical organization. Our mission is to bring out the best in each other. We believe that this is the only right way to find and retain the right employees for our company.”

In Wolvega, a new building is currently being constructed. Sport horse clinic Wolvega will soon consist of three locations on one site; the hospital, the new sport horse clinic and the gynecology department, which also houses the farrier and the laboratory. “We are very busy with the new construction. The opening is planned for October. In the meantime the clinic is of course fully operational, we are in the middle of the foal season.”

Inspection of Prinsjesdag foals

Sport horse clinic Wolvega will perform the first inspections of the selected foals during the photo and video days of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. “During the first inspection we check whether a foal is sound, whether it has no over-bite and whether the heart, lungs and eyes show any abnormalities. We also check them on umbilical hernia and whether the testicles of colts have descended. ”On the day of the auction, the foals are inspected again.

He is clear about the importance of veterinary inspections on horses: “A good inspection is important. It is not a sandwich at the bakery that you purchase. With a good veterinary inspection, the expectations are clear beforehand. You have to know what you are buying and selling. Not all potential buyers can judge for themselves whether a foal is healthy, and breeders often don’t either. To prevent misery, an expert must shed light on this.”

The veterinary reports of all foals in the selection of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag can be viewed online prior to the auction. On the auction day(s) vets from Sport Horse clinic Wolvega will be present to explain the reports.