Prinsjesdag partner Agterberg b.v.

Over the years Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has not only built up a large network of buyers and breeders, but also entered into a successful alliance with a select group of business partners. One of the partners of the first hour is Agterberg, for example. This company is known worldwide for equestrian sports footing of exceptional class.

Ton Agterberg is one of the faces of Agterberg b.v.. Together with his brother Frank, he is a DGA at the contracting company that offers numerous services in groundwork and road and hydraulic engineering, large-scale green spaces and agricultural engineering. It specialises in sporting accommodation and natural grass. The third generation now joins the family business that employs around 180 people. “Our company is well established in the world of equestrian sports. That’s why we like to support an event like Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. We have been an official partner for about five years now. We already provided the soil for the auction at the KNHS center.”

Agterberg well known in the equestrian world
The name Agterberg rings a bell for many equestrians. The company is responsible for the flooring system of international equestrian events such as CHIO Rotterdam, Jumping Amsterdam, Outdoor Gelderland and CHIO Aachen. Not only equestrian sport is an expertise of the company. The football fields of Dutch sockerteams PSV and Vitesse, Dutch Olympic center Papendal and the national football association KNVB are also maintained by Agterberg.

The love for equestrian sports has been inculcated at home. “We used to have a riding school with ponies at home and my parents bred a bit. We were with six of us at home and we all wanted to ride, so my parents ended up in equestrian sport. My father always provided the soil for the cattle market in Utrecht. That is the basis for the current core activity equine flooring systems

Agterberg closely follows developments in the equestrian world. “The sport is changing at a rapid pace. If you see what is happening in Aachen now, it is very different from 20 years ago. Good breeding is the basis for good sport performances. Competitions are becoming more and more technical. And the management around the horses is professionalized enormously. You can also see a big difference in soils. Our flooring systems remain stable and yet resilient. Our goal is to let horses perform as well as possible. And that takes quite a bit of time and expertise, certainly with a grass arena like the one in Aachen. We made it as optimal as possible with a special mix of sand and grass.

Also stable owners notice the quality of Agterberg. “We’ve installed the first professional grass arenas in the Netherlands. Jan Vink from Stoeterij Blackhorses and The Peelberg were the first. We have a broad company, we focus on solutions and never say ‘no’. No request is too difficult for us. You have to think ahead. Just like in breeding. That is our strength and that makes Agterberg and Foal Auction Prinsjesdag complement each other so well.”