– by payment in cash;

After the auction, you should report to the secretariat of the Foal auction Prinsjesdag with your sales contract where you can then pay in cash. A receipt will be given after the transaction.

– by providing a bank guarantee;

You should ask your bank to supply documentary evidence of your financial means. With such a bank guarantee, we can give you permission for a giro transfer. The sum should be paid to the Foal auction Prinsjesdag account within 7 days after the auction.

– by partial payment in advance;

Depending on the price that you are eventually prepared to pay at the auction, you can transfer a sum to the account of the Foal auction Prinsjesdag in advance of the auction; the sum should be a reasonable amount (as judged by the Foal auction Prinsjesdag) in the light of the possible final sum. In case you don’t buy a foal, the sum will be returned to your account after the auction.

– by providing sound business references;

You may provide sound business references where there is at least one that is willing to stand as your guarantor. You should notify the Foal auction Prinsjesdag secretariat, in advance, of whom your guarantor is. If the Foal auction Prinsjesdag is satisfied, you will then receive permission to pay by giro transfer, in which case the sum should be paid to the Foal auction Prinsjesdag account within 7 days after the auction.