“Pablo has made my Grand Prix dreams come true!”

Owner: Lori Bell

1. Why did you fall in love with Pablo when you bought him?
“Pablo was purchased 12 yrs ago as an 8 yr old through Egbert Kraak near Amsterdam. I import and sell horses, but was looking at Pablo for myself as a school master. I loved Pablo because he was willing, and fun to ride and was already trained almost to Prix St George.”

2. Has Pablo fullfilled your expectations?
“Pablo has made dreams come true. He ultimately became my first Grand Prix Horse.  I have been his owner for 12 yrs and rode him for ten, the last 3 of those yrs at Grand Prix. For the past two yrs he was ridden by Ava at the international junior level. Pablo was not a huge mover, but he had the biggest heart. He was always trying for you. That is why he made it to GP. His character was always generous and willing. He and I learned the GP together. Pablo always being a generous and patient teacher. At shows, he was completely reliable to go in the ring and do his very best.   As a Grand Prix Horse, we only showed at the national level in Canada. However, he was very consistent at 60% in well over 30+ GP tests. Most marks ranged from 58-62%. Very respectable for the two of us together at gp. A testament to his wonderful character that he went time and time again doing his job to the best of his ability and putting up with me as I tried to learn.”

3. Do you have a special bond with him?
“Pablo is very special to me for many reasons. Obviously because of all the time we spent together over the past 12 yrs. but also because of how he came into my life. My dad was killed in a car accident and it was the inheritance I received that allowed me to buy this wonderful horse. So this horse has always had an extra special place in my heart.”

4. What kind of horse is Pablo at home?
“Pablo lives with me at my stable. At home he is sweet and loving, with a tiny bit of a spoiled prince in him. He is a character. Fun to have around and a wee bit demanding as if he knows he’s extra special.”

5. What are the most magnificent things you have experienced with Pablo?
“Of course, the ultimate experience in my riding career with Pablo was the fact that we were able to show at the GP level for 3 yrs. He has allowed me to learn so much about dressage and I am now teaching my 4th horse the Grand Prix thanks to him. He gave me skills that have allowed me to compete successfully on an international level with several horses. Pablo came home a couple of months ago after spending the past 2 yrs with a junior rider. He taught Ava much about the gp movements and finished his career placing 7th/35 in the North American Junior Championships. He is now enjoying retirement out on pasture all day with his quarter horse friend.”

6. Do you buy foals at an auction? If yes, should you advice people to do? Or should you prefer to buy a 3- or 4 year old?
“I have never purchased foals at an auction. For most of my career, I have purchased 3 and 4 yr old horses. Now that I am older, I prefer 5/6 yr old or older.”


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