Marc Houtzager: Mr.Europe is a horse without a manual

1. What makes Mr.Europe so special for you?

“Mr.Europe is a very good horse, that is nice to work with. He jumps very well and has undergone a fairly quick? development to 1.50m level. It is a horse that will soon be ready for the big courses.”

2. How are his stable manners?

“Mr.Europe is very nice in the stable. He is a stallion, but he behaves very normal.”

3. How does he behave under the saddle?

“Mr.Europe is a nice horse to ride, a horse without a manual. So far, his training has gone very well.”

4. What is your best experience with Mr.Europe so far?

“We’ve achieved good results in the international young horse courses. For example, as a six-year-old he won in De Wolden and as a seven-year-old in Valkenswaard. And we were placed second during the CSI4* in Münster at 1.50m level last autumn.

5. What are your future plans with Mr.Europe?

“Mr.Europe is only nine years old. So the real sport is about to start. Our schedule is still flexible, but I hope and expect him to perform at 1.60m level in the future.”

6. Do you advise people to buy a foal at the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag? Or do you advise a three- or four-year-old?

“As a rider, I would rather buy a four-year-old than a foal. It is a long way until they’re four. But I still think it’s great that there are auctions like Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. The auction has a positive effect on the sport. It is good for the breeders, if they can sell their foals well, that stimulates to keep up the good work. You notice that there are less good young horses on the market, because there has been a bit less breeding in recent years.”