“Jameson is a special stallion with a lot of quality. He’s very sweet and learns quickly. Every day I ride him with a big smile.”

Rider Marieke van der Putten

1. What makes Jameson so special to you?
“Jameson is a very special stallion with a lot of quality. He is very sweet, and in fact, you do not have to teach him anything. You just get on top and ride off. I have ridden many good stallions working for Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud, so I am in a good position to make comparisons.”

2. How is Jameson in his handling?

“James, which is what I often call him, is very sweet in his stable. He does behave like a stallion, so he and lets everyone know he is around. When you walk along the middle path with other horses, he always greets them loudly. I treat him as normally as possible. Every day I groom him and ride or lunge him, he is also set free in the paddock daily.”

3. How is his training going?
“I ride James three times a week. We take it easy, just walk, trot, canter. He is tall and strong. We are now preparing him for the performance test this autumn. I make sure that he is easy to ride, so that, hopefully, he will pass the performance test with flying colours..”

4. What was your finest moment with Jameson so far?
“I have fine moments with him every day! Every time I ride him, I sit there with a big smile on my face and really enjoy it. It is not an experience that I have very often. I am used to Toto Junior (by Totilas) who is very special as well. Jameson is a totally different horse and you a very special feeling when you ride him.”

5. What are the plans for Jameson’s future?
“We will take it easy with Jameson. We are preparing him in a relaxed way for the KWPN performance test this autumn, which will last for fifty days. When he gets through that, the next thing will be his presentation at the stallion selections in ’s Hertogenbosch, and then we will see what’s next. We are taking it one step at a time.”

6. Would you ever buy a foal yourself at Prinsjesdag Foal Auction?
“I must admit that I have never been there. Since I have started working for RS2 Dressage, where they also breed and rear dressage horses, I have become more involved with foals and youngsters. At the moment I would not easily buy a foal myself, as a rider, for it would take very long before I could ride it.”

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