“It makes it special when offering an embryo. People don’t see what they’re physically buying. It’s great to see he has turned into such an amazing horse.”

Breeder Willeke Bos

1. What is Jamesons’ dam like? 
“Atilinda (by Negro) is a top-class mare with a fine character. At the National Mare Selections she finished in the top ten and she is doing extremely in sports. She performs in the Small Tour and is being trained at home for the heavy work.  Atilinda produced, besides Jameson, many very promising offspring by, amongst others, Voice, Lord Leatherdale, Vitalis, All at Once, Zardando and De Niro. Atilinda, who, as a matter of fact, was auctioned at the Prinsjesdag Auction herself, has a very powerful rear engine.”

2. At the time, why did you decide to enter Jameson as an embryo in the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag?
“Peter Bleeker, who was my vet at the time and a board member of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, suggested it and therefore we offered Jameson for sale as an embryo. “

3. Would you advise other breeders to sell their foals through the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag?
“I have already bought many foals via the Prinsjesdag Auction. The drawback is that you have to wait and that rearing is risky. The advantage is that you can buy quality and you can mould them as you want. In 2007 I bought my first foals at the Prinsjesdag Auction. They were the fillies Charming Lady (by Johnson) and Honeymoon (by Hotline). Many other foals followed, such as the colt, later licensed as a stallion in Westfalia, Efgaristo (by Vivaldi) and the filly Darabel (by Wespoint) which became the National Mare Selections champion of the keur- and elite-awarded mares and now works at Small Tour level. It is unique if you can lay your hands on such horses, for by the time they are 3- or 4-years old, you pay three or four times as much for them, if they are for sale at all.”

4. Can you still remember the auction?  Was it exciting?
“It makes it extra special when you are selling an embryo. People cannot see what they are physically buying. Atilinda showed herself and it was very exciting, I must admit. The bidding started slowly, but later gathered speed.”

5. Do you follow Jameson closely?
“I saw Jameson back for the first time as a 3-yr-old at the stallion selection in ‘s Hertogenbosch. I had been sent a photograph before by Robin van Lierop, but I had not come around to go and look at him. He has turned into a great horse. I see a lot of his dam in him. Especially his front and the way ‘he rises’ in his movements, are very much like his dam. I do not have a special tie with him, because he was not born here, but naturally I follow his performance with special interest. It is great to see how he turned into such an amazing horse.”

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