Harold Renken: The story of Mr.Europe started with us when we bought his mother at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag

1. What was Mr.Europe like as a foal and when did you notice that he was special?

“I saw that from the first day on. As a foal he was already a muscular powerhouse with a lot of charisma. He was also very athletic and had a dream canter with a lot of balance and freedom of movement. Of course, his qualities as a sport horse were only expressed since Marc Houtzager started riding him. As a breeder there’s always a bit of luck involved, your horse has to find a good owner who wants to invest in his training. In this case that happened. I think it’s great that such an experienced top rider like Marc Houtzager rides Mr.Europe. He takes the time to calmly train and prepare him for the bigger classes!”

How do you follow Mr.Europe? Does he live up to your expectations?

“We closely follow all sport performances of our breeding products, including the development of Mr.Europe. So far he has certainly lived up to our expectations. We hope the upward trend in his development continues. Participation in a big championship would be the icing on the cake for us. We think that might be possible if Marc Houtzager continues riding him!”

3. What is his mother Z-Livia RV like?

“The story of Mr.Europe starts with the purchase of his mother Z-Livia, which we also bought at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. His mother is a very chic mare by Cassini with a lot of power, charisma and capacity. She has a very good and balanced character. We chose to cover her with Mr. Blue because he is able to add sharpness and quality. Mr. Blue-offspring always needs a bit more time, but if you’re willing to give them the time they need, they’ll develop very quickly as they get older. You can see this very clearly with Mr.Europe too. Mr.Europe is a clear mix of characteristics of both his parents. We still have the mare and last year’s foal has also been sold to the family Lodewijk, the current co-owner of Mr.Europe. Z-Livia is now in foal to Untouchable Z. With this we’ve again chosen to add sharpness and quality to the mare. The intention is to use her for embryo transplantation this year.”

4. Why did you decide to return to Foal Auction Prinsjesdag with Mr.Europe?

“There was a lot of demand for him as a foal and this way we could give all buyers a fair chance to buy him. We also have a lot of trust in Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. And we were right, because Mr.Europe was one of the best priced foals at the auction that year and ended up with a fantastic new owner!”

5. How did you experience the auction at the time?

“Beforehand, an auction is always very exciting. In the case of Mr Europe the bidding went very quickly. So we found ourselves a the point that we could sit back and enjoy the auction quite early on!”

6. Do you encourage other breeders to sell their foals through the Prinsjesdag auction?

“We have a fruitful and trusty collaboration with the auction for many years now and certainly recommend other breeders to collaborate with them too!”