Foal Auction Prinsjesdag sells exclusive product from Donnerhall

Dressage stallion Donnerhall is not just legendary for his sport performances but he is also doing excellently in breeding. In 2017 as many as three of his direct offspring reached the top ten of the WFBSH ranking which was led by his son De Niro. On 11 September a direct product from Donnerhall will be auctioned at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. And this is remarkable, because the stallion already died in 2002.

The last Donnerhall?

Since 2002 hardly any foals were born by the legendary top-class sire Donnerhall, yet Foal Auction Prinsjesdag managed to find one. Nostalgic BH is probably his last son and, in addition, he represents a powerful damline. His dam Unolita already produced the ZZ-advanced plus level dressage horse Bunolita. She is a mare from the line with which the successful breeder Huub van Helvoirt produced numerous celebrated horses, such as the approved stallions Ebony and All At Once and the Grand Prix horse Romanoff ridden by Vai Bruntink.

Donnerhall performed magnificently within the white fences. In the course of his life he wrote 65 FEI victories to his name and several times won team gold and individual medals in major championships. But his performance as a sire is even more impressive. Because without Donnerhall dressage breeding would have looked entirely different; as founder of the German D-line he produced an unparalleled number of influential sons and excellent Grand Prix dressage horses.

Selling with a heavy heart

Breeder Jan Vink used ICSI to achieve gestation. In this process the ovum is injected with just a single sperm. “I managed to get hold of a straw from Donnerhall and that is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Donnerhall is the best dressage horse producer ever. He is known to produce the best offspring with mares carrying some blood. And Unolita fits just right. She is a terribly good mares. Nostalgic BH does therefore have everything to receive his breeding licence one day.

After the sale of his pancake factory, Vink now devotes himself almost full time to his Studfarm Black Horses. But he is selling this colt with a heavy heart: “I am known for not easily selling my own products, but I have to gear down a knotch or two. I really have too many horses now and then you must sell a few. And if I do sell anything at an auction anyway, I want it to be a top-class colt!”

Bert Poppelaars, selection member of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag, was wildly enthusiastic when he got the chance to claim this colt for the auction. “This is not only one of the very last Donnerhalls, this colt also comes from an exceptionally good damline.”

Nostalgic BH will be auctioned on 12 September in the dressage horse sale of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.