Foal Auction Prinsjesdag is raising the bar

Thanks to its loyal breeders and buyers, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has grown into a household name internationally. Under the motto ‘The power of Performance’ every year an exclusive collection of high-quality foals with excellent performance genes are auctioned in Ermelo, and from last year also in Ommen. For the upcoming editions, the selection committees are eager to create top collections.

The pedigree plays a crucial role in the selection of the jumping foals. “Time after time it is proved that a good showjumper breeds a good showjumpers”, says Fred van Straaten as a member of the selection committee. “That is why we are looking for foals with interesting bloodlines. We like to see three or four jumping stallions in a row who have proven themselves in sport or breeding, and also with the dam, granddam and great-granddam we like to see that they have a good sports record or a clearly made contribution to breeding. Of course seen in the context of age, because little can be expected from a young mare. Our experience shows that buyers like to invest in genetically valuable foals, because a strong pedigree gives more guarantee for the future.”

Jumping De Driehoek
Just like last year, an extra auction of the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will be organized at the beautiful CSI3* Jumping De Driehoek in Stegeren-Ommen (NL). On Saturday evening the 3rd of August, about ten exclusive jumping foals will be auctioned on the accommodation of the Schuttert family. “It’s a good way to bring sport and breeding together. We are looking for complete foals for this auction that may be born in the beginning of the season. Once again it is the intention to auction foals with the whole package: a  very good pedigree, good conformation and a first-class canter”, says Van Straaten, who selects the jumping foals together with Willem van Hoof.

Dressage talents
Selection committee member Bert Poppelaars has developed a nose for high quality dressage foals over the years and has good hope for next season. He will select the dressage foals together with his new colleague Lauw van Vliet. “Every year we try to raise the bar higher for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag. The pedigree is also becoming increasingly important for dressage foals. We have seen that interestingly bred fillies from the finest damlines yield good prices and that has its reason. However, the movements are still the most important thing for dressage foals. We are looking for attractive, long-lined dressage foals with three good gaits and a good use of the body. Foal Auction Prinsjesdag offers an excellent platform for that type of foal!”