Foal Auction Prinsjesdag brings exclusive auction to CSI Ommen

The next edition of CSI Ommen is a joint effort of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and the Schuttert family. On Saturday 4 August a total of 10 highly interesting show jumping foals will enter the auction arena in the evening. This is an exquisite opportunity to secure the future.

The idea to auction foals at the reputable show in Ommen was born about one and a half years ago, but time was so pressing then that it could not yet be realized. And both parties agree that when you do something, it had better be good. That is why in 2018 this first auction will be held. “We have known the Schuttert family for many years as loyal buyer at our auction and we had already discussed a co-operation of this form before. mIn Germany you now often see that during an international show also an exquisite collection of foals is auctioned and we are confident that this initiative will be a success”, says Arjan van der Waaij, chairman of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.

Its own typical character
The four star show at the Driehoekhoeve in Stegeren – Ommen attracts many visitors every year and especially the Saturday-night always has a magnificent programme. An auction held between the raking class and the Medium Tour finals easily qualifies. “On the one hand the auction at CSI Ommen is a good preview for our auctions in Ermelo on 11 and 12 September, on the other hand it is an auction with its own typical character and public. Many riders and sport people attend this show and the foals can be looked at all day in their stables and at their presentation in the afternoon”, Van der Waaij explains. The precise collection will be announced about two to three weeks before the auction. “They will mainly be somewhat older foals. We have already selected a number of foals and after our photo- and video-day they may get a definite place in our collection. There is still some room for a few new foals at this auction,our regular auction already almost booked up.”

Start and end product combined
Also Hendrik-Jan Schuttert has high expectations of the auction as an integrate part of this international show. “It has all that is necessary to grow into a success. Foal Auction Prinsjesdag guarantees quality and service, and we want to do the same with this auction. These foals are expected to grow into sport horses, so it is great to display the combination of the start and end products at an international show”, is the enthusiastic reaction of the rider. “Our family has itself been successful many times in purchasing a good foal at the Prinsjesdag Foal Auction, so I like this initiative a lot. You still have a long way to go when you buy a foal, but it is often the best way to get a quality horse. The selection committee of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has shown for many years to be able to secure the top products of the age group for their auction, so we are eagerly looking forward both to the collection and the auction.”

More information about this exclusieve Prinsjesdag auction and the collection can soon be found on and