“Everytime I see Pablo, he turns a smile on my face!”

Rider: Ava MacCoubrey

1. What makes Pablo so special for you?
“Pablo is a very special horse. The moment we met we had a instant connection, I knew it was something special. Every time I see him he puts a smile on my face. He is such a caring horse and really loves the people around him.”

2. How is Pablo to ride?
“He definitely is not the easiest horse to ride, even though he is a schoolmaster doing everything correctly is a challenge, but thats what I loved about him. Lori Bell (his owner) was his previous rider and she did the Grand Prix Circuit on him.”

3. How is Pablo in the stable?
“Pablo is very outgoing in the stable, he always has his head out of his stall and perk his ears up every time you walk by. He is also very food motivated, so he will do anything for a treat! During feeding time he will nicker at you to make sure you don’t forget to feed him!”

4. What are the most important things you reached with Pablo?
“Pablo took me through my first cdi’s and my first year doing FEI juniors. This year we went to the North American Junior Young Rider Championships and we placed top 10 all three days and were ranked the top Canadian rider. I think that was our biggest accomplishment.” Pablo is now happily retired from competing and goes out in a big pasture during the day. He also loves going on big hacks in the field!”

5. Have you even visited a foal auction? Do you like to buy foals at an auction or should you prefer to buy a 3- or 4 year old horse?
“I have not visited any auctions but its definitely something I want to do in the future. I think I would prefer to buy 3-4 year olds!”


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