National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag : the Power of Performance

National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag (NVP) has been one of the trend-setting European foal auctions for 20 years. NVP has always been an elite auction, but made a well-considered choice 10 years ago for sport horses: the selection policy is exclusively modelled for dressage and showjumping foals from the best bloodlines inEurope. Naturally strict criteria are applied where conformation, development, size and movements are concerned . But a handsome, well-developed and good moving foal from a mares line that has not produced any sport horses is not interesting from the point of view of the selection committee of NVP. To live up to our motto ‘the Power of Performance’ top-class genes from proven mares lines are essential.

National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag takes place every year on the third Tuesday in September. Some 80 showjumping and dressage foals, as well as an exclusive selection embryos are offered for sale on this fixed day. When you are interested in the collection, please look at or call +31-342440100.

From foal to top-class sport horse

Once the foals are sold, one has to wait and see what will happen. Where are the foals reared, how are they fed, which vet monitors the development of the youngster, who prepares them for selections, which rider will train these young talents for the sport and who is the trainer of this rider? Because also for foals, with all the right physical and genetic capacities, the road to the top of the international sport and breeding is long. Only in optimum conditions, with the best feed, monitoring, training, know-how and experience, the chances of the foal ever entering the international ring are the greatest.

Network of European top companies

Anyone purchasing one or more foals at the NVP can use the follow-up service offered by the European Performance Program, a network of European top companies. Professional horse rearing, veterinary clinics and trainers specialised in young horses, for example, together form a network to carry the process from foal to sport horse to success. Rearing facilities, veterinary clinics and trainers of young horses, for example, form a network that accommodates the successful development from foal to sport horse. Buyers using this network and rearing their foal(s) inEuropemay, assuming that all will proceed as desired, in 4 or 5 years time have a well-fed, well-monitored and well-trained young sport horse.

What does the European Performance Program offer:

  1. In the first place a network of European top companies in the field of rearing, monitoring and training of youngsters. But also insurance companies, stallion stations, transporters, sport stables, studbooks and other professionals and suppliers that are playing a role in the warmblood sport and breeding, make their know how and contacts available to the European Performance Program.
  2. The participants in the European Performance Program each possess knowledge, expertise and experience in their own fields.
  3. The network is large and is hardly exclusive; the value of the network is bigger than the sum of its separate components.

The costs inEuropeare relatively small in comparison to the price of rearing, monitoring and training in other parts of the world. This is because:

  1. the large number of companies in a number of European countries that have specialised in this field.
  2. the foals, yearlings and 2-yr-olds are reared in groups, which makes that the horses have a sound social and physical basis.
  3. The great amount of know how available inEuropein the fields of rearing, monitoring and training of young horses.
  4. The relatively small distance between the rearing facilities, veterinary clinics and training stables.
  5. The low costs of starting in competitions.

A global calculation would look as follows:

costs of rearing year 1: € 3,000.00
costs of rearing year 2: € 3,600.00
Costs of rearing year 3 and saddle-breaking: € 4,200.00
costs of training and monitoring year 4: € 7,200.00
total costs of rearing and training over 4 years: € 18,000.00


In addition, a 4½-yr-old, when ready for its further sport career, can be exported to the country of destination or be further trained inEurope.

For more information about NVP and the European Performance Program look at or e-mail

You can also call EQ International, Mariska Honingh, +31 (0)342 440100.