Emerald-embryo out of Tequila van Spieveld sold to Monaco

The exceptional embryo of Harrie Smolders’ Olympic mount Emerald out of the famous mare Tequila van Spieveld has been sold through Embryoauction.com to Team VDW Monte Carlo from Monaco. For a prize of 17.000 euro the halfbrother or -sister of among others Echo van ‘t Spieveld was sold at the online auction.

Basson van der Westhuizen is the proud new owner of this embryo. “We are very excited with the purchase of this embryo. It is a long term investment, but hopefully it will pay off in the end. We hope he or she will be like the brothers and sisters!”

Van der Westhuizen himself is a breeder as well. “In Argentina we breed warmblood horses, but due to import regulations we are very limited with breeding out there. That is why we are starting up breeding in Europe as well.” The main goal with this embryo will be the sport of showjumping. “If everything goes well, we hope this embryo will be a talented showjumper later on. We will for sure leave it with professionals in Belgium or France”, new owner Basson van der Westhuizen emphasizes.