In conversation with Bert Poppelaars

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Bert, how do you select the foals for Foal Auction Prinsjesdag?

“We are looking for correct foals with a lot of quality, a long lined conformation an suppleness in their movement. Next to that, our foals must have a pedigree full of sports and of course they must be attractive to invest in. We reach many of the contributing breeders through our own network. But what’s also striking about our auction is that we have such a big crowd of loyal selling breeders. Through our stand at the KWPN Stallion Show in Den Bosch we have also been able to reach many breeders.”

What is the distinctiveness of this auction?

“We absolutely don’t make concessions in our selection. Both the mare and the foal must have quality we’re looking for. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell breeders that we can’t select their foal this year, but you have to be honest. Each time I select a foal I leave the yard with a good feeling. Over the last few years I noticed that the breeders themselves do the pre-selection. They know what kind of mares we are looking for and that we are really keen on correct legs for example.”

What do you expect of this years auction?

“I expect even more satisfied buyers after investing in one of our foals. Many auctions have three, maybe four outliers in the selection. This year Prinsjesdag has a very broad high quality top layer!”

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