Board members


Arjan van der waaij

Arjan van der Waaij, Eemnes (president)

Arjan van der Waaij has taken over the chairmanship of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag from Herman Verhagen in 2014. In daily life, Arjan van der Waaij runs his company Van der Waaij Makelaars & Rentmeesters. Together with his wife José and sons Peter and Jasper the horse company Waaij Stud in Utrecht’s Eemnes. “With Foal Auction Prinsjesdag we try to give sellers the best possible platform to sell their high-quality products and we offer buyers the opportunity to get their hands on exclusive material at an early stage, ”says Arjan van der Waaij. “My personal drive in this is that Prinsjesdag can help breeding this way. Not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. After all, breeding has no land borders.”

Willem Dekker

Willem Dekker, Benningbroek (secretary)

Willem Dekker took a seat on the Prinsjesdag board in 2008 and has been the secretary since 2014. “I take care of the planning of our meetings and visit almost all of our selection days. I spend a lot of time with the foal auction. If you are committed to something, you have to do it for 100%.“ Willem Dekker is charmed by a beautiful foal, but that does not make the picture complete in his eyes. “A foal must also be interestingly bred, so from a line that already produced more sport horses. That is the Power of Performance, the motto of our foal auction.”

Gerard Koks

Gerard Koks, Warmenhuizen (treasurer)

Gerard Koks is the Prinsjesdag treasurer since 2012. The main activities of his stable ‘De Debbehoeve’ are breeding, training and trading of dressage horses. “Taking a seat on the board of the NVP I saw as a great opportunity to learn more and gain experience in the breeding of dressage horses, in which I have always been very interested.”

“Since 2014 we have been breeding three to four mares. Next to that, we buy two to three foals a year who we try to train them to the highest possible level. These are preferably descendants of proven sires who have performed well in sport. ”The Debbehoeve is a family business in which Gerard’s sister Stefanie Koks and stable manager / rider Marije van Thuyl-Tromp manage the daily management. “I divide my time between the Koks Group family business in Alkmaar, where I am responsible for finances, and the stable in Warmenhuizen.”


Peter Bleeker, Hulsen-Nijverdal (board member & selector)

Peter Bleeker from Hulsen-Nijverdal is co-founder of the National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag and member of the selection committee. In 2014, he was named Breeder of the Year KWPN Province of Noord-Holland because of his high-quality and high-performance breeding products in dressage.

“The Prinsjesdag Auction started from the study club Noord-Holland Noord. With, among others Gerrit Deen, Jos Ligthart and Piet Meinen. After a few years it became a separate foundation. The auction moved to Ermelo and received an extra boost. My motivation is that I love breeding. You meet new people with the same passion. It still fascinates me terribly. In addition, it is like a competition, you want everything around the auction a little better. You try to be the best auction in the Netherlands, or in fact the whole of Europe.”

Anouk Dros

Anouk Dros, Rotterdam (board member)

Anouk Dros has been a member of the NVP board since autumn 2014 and is responsible for the Marketing & Communication portfolio. “The Foal Auction Prinsjesdag is a very beautiful brand, but how can we further expand that brand? That is my task. How can we give the auction an even clearer face, retain the group of existing customers and further expand the clientele, also across borders? That is a challenge, but a very nice one ”, says Anouk Dros. When the foal selections begin, Anouk always visits some. “I think that’s important for involvement. It is good to maintain contact with the breeders and also very interesting to see the selection committee at work. I also breed, jump-oriented. In 2016 I only had one foal from a mare from the Lottie / Zottie line, but I also bred foals from the Oberlina line and Holsteiner line 275, several of which perform well in sport and one stallion was approved abroad.”

Co Out Prinsjesdag

Co Out, Westwoud (board member)

Co Out from Westwoud did not have to think long about Willem Dekker’s request to be part of the NVP board. “I said yes because I really like breeding. You keep meeting new people and you see many foals. You get a lot of information along the way that I use in my own breeding. As a board member, I hope to be able to make a small contribution to a good foal auction, although you never know in advance how it will work out. Do customers think the same about the foals as we do? But we can’t complain in recent years. ”Co Out, who runs a contractor company, breeds with a few jumping and dressage mares.

Gert Wezenberg

Gert Wezenberg (board member)

Since 2019, the board of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag will be strengthened by Gert Wezenberg, who is involved in the daily life of the family business Wezenberg Groep and is also committed to the successful breeding of Stal Wezenberg.